The Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Mar 4, 2013

The state of Georgia experiences an auto accident every 2.8 minutes. For those of you who have driven the streets of Atlanta and the surrounding areas, this information may not surprise you. The city of Atlanta is the home of some of the most dangerous intersections in the state. Additionally, the city has ranked consistently as one of the three most dangerous cities in the country for pedestrians. While law enforcement constantly encourages Atlanta drivers to be vigilant when driving on bad weather, some intersections are still well known for being dangerous.

Tom Moreland Interchange

Tom Moreland Interchange is sometimes called the Spaghetti Junction. This intersection consists of Interstate 285 and Interstate 85, and it serves as one of the main crossroads of the state. In addition to the intersection, there are also numerous access roads, making this a five-stack interchange. Additionally, ramps are located here to allow drivers to access side streets, and with over four lanes of traffic traveling at high rates of speed, this is a prime spot for auto accidents.

Other Intersections in Atlanta Known for Auto Accidents

There are other intersections in Atlanta that are extremely popular and also have high accident rates. According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the following intersections are especially dangerous for people operating motorcycles:

  • Marietta Road and Bolton Road
  • Piedmont Avenue and 10th Street
  • Welcome All Road and Camp Creek Parkway
  • Campbelltown Road and Barge Road
  • Delmoor Court and Delmar Lane
  • Peachtree Street and Buford Highway
Outside of Atlanta

Cobb County has been suggested as having the greatest number of dangerous intersections within the Atlanta area. The most dangerous intersection is arguably the East-West Connector at Austell Road, which had approximately 477 crashes over a time span of three years. However, Fulton County is typically known for having the greatest number of car accidents in total each year.


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