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This Year’s Tips For Having A Great Holiday Season With Your Family

Dec 16, 2019

This Year’s Tips For Having A Great Holiday Season With Your Family | AICA AtlantaAs the holidays grow closer, the stress from the hustle and bustle and travel demands can leave you spinning. No need to worry because our Atlanta chiropractors are here to help!

Regardless if you are staying home for the holidays or traveling by plane, train or car, our chiropractors have a remedy for this busy time of year!

Managing Your Health

When traveling or visiting high volume areas, avoid setting your bags down in public restrooms, and this can lead to the spread of germs. Some may think that toilets possess the most germs. However, it is the floor that carries the most danger.

It may sound redundant; however, washing your hands can go a long way. When proper hand washing is practiced, the spread of germs reduces. As we are in the middle of the cold and flu season, this small but important task may mean the difference between a healthy holiday season.

As the sweet trays begin to pop everywhere you go, be mindful of what you are consuming. When consuming too much sugar, the body’s ability to kill germs decreases by 40 percent.

Physical Health

This small factor can go a long way, but bringing your pillow when traveling can save you a lot of unnecessary pain. If traveling by plane, having your pillow reduces your chances of being exposed to germs by avoiding using the plane pillows as well as providing you with comfort. Also, if traveling to loved ones home for the holidays, you may find their pillows do not provide the same level of comfort as your own. Having your own will decrease the risk of being uncomfortable and developing aches and pains while traveling.

Although it may be convenient, placing things in your back pocket can alter your posture distorting your alignment in your hips and spine. Enduring this type of discomfort can cause a painful holiday experience.

When traveling to see family, opt to pack your things in a rolling suitcase to avoid lifting your heavy bag risking injury. When adding extra weight to your body, you are putting yourself at unnecessary risk of injury.

When you arrive home from your travels, schedule an appointment with our Atlanta chiropractors to give your body a chance to recover from all of your holiday adventures. Whether it be pain from traveling or pain that occurred as a result of something else, your chiropractors have a variety of treatments to get you feeling your best moving into the New Year!

Making Time For You

With the holiday season being one of the busiest times of the year, taking care of your mental health has never been more important. Set time aside to practice deep breathing exercises, which can lower heart rate and improve how oxygen circulates through the body. Practicing these techniques can help prepare you for stressful situations you may endure.

This holiday season, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Spend this holiday season with those who bring you the most joy and remember in all your moments of giving to remember to take care of yourself and make sure you are in the best physical, mental, and emotional state of health. To reach this level of wellness, and to ensure your holiday season is nothing but joyful, contact our Atlanta chiropractors at (404) 889-8828!


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