Tips For Traveling With Back Pain This Summer

May 16, 2016

The summer time is almost here, and our AICA Atlanta Chiropractors wanted to share some tips on how you can maintain your health and take care of your back pain when traveling.

According to the United States of Transportation, 78 percent of Americans travel more than 70 miles between the months of June and September.

So whether you are taking a road trip with the family or are flying on business, take the following recommendations into consideration in order to manage back pain.

Managing Back Pain When Traveling

If you are expecting to take a long flight at some point this summer, make sure to:

  • Sit up straight and look forward with your head completely against your head rest during takeoff and when landing. The acceleration associated with both situations can create a tremendous amount of stress for your neck and spine.
  • Make sure to carry a neck roll or small pillow with you in order to help maintain correct posture.
  • If you do bring a pillow, consider propping it up behind your back in order to help prevent tension from building.
  • Try to get up and walk to the back or front of the airline cabin every two to three hours. If you have enough room, try bending forward, backward, and from side to side while walking around in order to help shake off excess stress.
  • Make sure to bring or order plenty of bottled water. Because of the high altitudes, it is extremely easy to become dehydrated, which allows your joints and muscles to become even more stiff.

Trip For Maintaing A Healthy Lower Back During A Road Trip

  • Keep a smaller lower back pillow with you on rides that are especially long.
  • Try to take a break every four hours and allow yourself to perform a number of basic exercises when pulled over.
  • If you develop any tension headaches during your drive, try to sit up straight, press the back of your into your head rest, and look straight ahead of you. Performing this action using about 40% of your strength for five seconds at a time can help relieve stress located in your head and neck.

If Back Pain Prevents You From Traveling, Give Us A Call

If the pain you experience is too severe to travel comfortably, make sure to give us a call right away.

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