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Treating Tendon Pain
Mar 11, 2020

Treating Tendon Pain | AICA AtlantaThe tendons in the body are composed of connective tissues and fibers that connect the muscles and bones. They are designed to withstand forceful impacts; however, everything has its breaking point, and tendons are no different.

Determining the Source of Your Pain

When pain, stiffness, or even swelling near the joint presents, the underlying cause could be related to the tendons. The term tennis elbow or swimmer’s shoulders are sustained as a result of extreme stress on the joints and tendons.

At our Atlanta chiropractic clinic, our chiropractors have extensive knowledge and experience in treating these conditions and are continuing to further their knowledge to provide the best treatment possible.

Tendinitis vs. Tenosynovitis

As swelling and pain occur in the areas of the tendons, many may think they have developed tendinitis, which is caused by inflammation. However, studies have found that the body’s inflammatory response to injury — redness, swelling, and pain — isn’t necessarily to blame.

There is the possibility aside from tendinitis that a person can develop tenosynovitis, which means that the synovial sheath becomes inflamed. This hypothesis is a bit difficult to prove as there are fewer blood vessels inside the tendons, which would make them hard to become inflamed.

As the body ages, many people over the age of 50 can develop a condition called tendinopathy, which is a result of degeneration caused by the breaking down of collagen in the tendons. Having reduced blood flow and circulation in the body can also assist in the degeneration of the tendons and increase the risk of micro-tears. With tendinosis, it can appear as a result of injury or present after years of repetitive movements, much like swimmers and tennis players engage in.

Treatment Options For Tendon Pain

When treating tendinitis, the quickest and effective form of relief is to stop engaging in the exercise or movement that is causing the pain. Aside from putting a hold on your activity, making lifestyle adjustments such as monitoring your posture and being more active throughout the day may help to decrease the likelihood of this condition returning. Moving the body that forces the muscle to lengthen can aid in rebuilding the tendon’s structure.

Treating these conditions is often a slow process, so taking conscious steps now can help to decrease your risk or increase your ability to recover more effectively. Our Atlanta chiropractors can assist you in creating an effective exercise regime that can help strengthen your tendons, which will allow for improved quality of life. Call our team today by dialing (404) 889- 8828!