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What Doctor to See After a Car Accident
Nov 23, 2020

What Doctor to See After a Car AccidentIf you are suffering from back pain after a car accident, then a quick trip to your primary care doctor simply won’t do. The spine is such a complex structure and it literally holds up your body and protects the nervous system. When your spine is injured in any way, it is important to see a doctor who is well-versed in treating spinal injuries.

When it comes to back injuries from a car accident, doctors who specialize in treating car accident injuries are even more specialized in diagnosis and treatment. It is so important to find car accident doctors to help you because they will treat your back pain while also treating the injury and helping you fully recover.

Types of Car Accident Doctors

The best type of car accident doctor may well depend on the type of injury that is causing your back pain. Did you experience whiplash and now your neck and back are affected? Do you have a herniated disc? Is there any nerve damage? These different types of car accident injuries can be addressed by a variety of car accident doctors, though their treatment styles may differ.

Orthopedic Specialists

Orthopedic doctors in Atlanta specialize in treating injuries to your bones, joints, and nerves. An orthopedic doctor who also works with people injured in car accidents will have extensive knowledge and experience in common car accident injuries and how they can affect your whole body. Broken bones, also called fractures, can happen in a car accident and an orthopedic doctor can set your broken bone. You may also want to seek out an orthopedic specialist if you were treated by paramedics or went to the emergency room so you can experience proper follow-up care.

Spine Specialists

When it comes to car accident injuries that affect the spine, you want to see car accident doctors who specialize in treating your spine. The spine is so important to everything you do in your daily life and any injury to your spine can really affect how you live. A spine specialist can also address more serious spinal injuries with a variety of complex, important procedures to help treat your spinal condition. If your spine has significant damage after a car accident, such as a herniated disc or even a spinal fracture, then a spine specialist may be the best course of action.


Atlanta Neurologists treat car accident injuries that relate to your nervous system. When you have back pain after a car accident, you may not know right away whether it is caused by injury to the bones in your back or the nerves, or both. Neurologists can help identify nerve damage sustained in a car accident and develop a treatment plan to address the damaged nerves as well as your pain symptoms.


Back pain after a car accident is common and is often a sign or symptom of an injury that needs to be addressed. From herniated discs to pinched nerves to misalignments in your vertebrae, Atlanta chiropractors can help address a variety of car accident injuries. Unlike other medical doctors, chiropractors use a natural treatment approach that does not involve medications. Instead, chiropractors use gentle manipulations of the spine in order to reset the spine to its proper alignment. When a chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae in your spine, it can take pressure off of a nerve that is sending out pain signals, restore a herniated disc, and more. Instead of masking your pain with medications, chiropractors address the root cause of your pain in your spinal cord and treat that.

Physical Therapists

Physical therapy can be an important component of your treatment and recovery process after a car accident. When you experience a car accident injury, it can sometimes affect your ability to complete daily tasks. When your back pain after a car accident interferes with your daily life then physical therapists can help provide you with treatment and exercises that help your recovery process. When muscles, bones, nerves, and joints are damaged in a car accident, you may experience muscle weakness, a loss of range in motion, or stiff and sore muscles. Physical therapists focus on helping you regain your strength, increase your flexibility, and restore your range of motion.

The Importance of Comprehensive Care

An ideal experience with car accident doctors will involve multi-specialty, comprehensive care. That means you will have a team of doctors who specialize in treating car accident injuries who work together to provide you with the individualized, quality care you deserve. At AICA Orthopedics, our Car Accident Clinic has a team of all the doctors mentioned above who will develop a treatment plan unique to you so you can experience a swift, successful recovery. Call us today!


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