Why Your Feet and Knees Are Causing You Pain and How You Can End It

Oct 19, 2015

Some of the most common complaints people throughout community bring to their Atlanta Chiropractor are pain and discomfort in their feet, hip, knees, and back.

Most of the time, pain associated with these areas of the body is caused by misalignments found within the spine, which are called subluxations.

A Chiropractor can perform adjustments to your spine that move the ligaments and bones back into alignment, but you as the patient can eliminate chronic pain by installing some easy-to-do routines in your everyday habits.

Atlanta Chiropractic Care for Chronic Pain

Regular exercise performed at least three times a week helps strengthen your ligaments, tendons, muscles and other common areas of concern. Exerting yourself for more than 30 minutes, three times a week can significantly reduce or prevent ongoing pain.

If exercising on a regular basis each week is not enough, talk to your Chiropractor about it, as they can prescribe a custom spinal pelvic stabilizer (SPS) to compliment all other recommended directives that focus on reducing or relieving pain.

SPS procedures are known to be extremely useful because they help correct misalignments that are caused by poor support and the mechanics of your feet.

Overpronation is a common problem among Chiropractic patients and is caused when the arches of your feet drop with each step and continue to roll inward when in motion. Because of this imbalance of movement, your body tries to compensate by transferring stress to your joints, which causes your spine to become misaligned.

Establishing An Exercise Routine

An exercise routine can certainly help correct these issues, but your body can return to its misaligned state naturally, over time.

Fortunately, SPS procedures can remedy the imbalances of your feet by restoring balance to your body and allowing your body to absorb better the shock of motion, which helps alleviate pain for the long-term.

Visit AICA Atlanta For Immediate Pain Relief

To understand whether or not an SPS procedure is right for you, make sure you consult with your Atlanta Chiropractor right away.

Your Chiropractor will look to create a custom make cast that fits the biomechanics of your feet.

Try to avoid purchasing store-bought or generic orthotics that directly provide a cushion, as they are limited in their ability to provide support for your entire foot. Also, they are not able to align with the complexity of specific ailments.

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