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Winner of the 1-800-PAIN-FREE Scholarship
May 8, 2020

Back in 2019, AICA Orthopedics launched its first $1000 scholarships to give back to two bright students that were pursuing an education. We are proud to announce Patrick Martin as the winner of the 1-800-PAIN-FREE scholarship! Read about this student and our interview with him below.

1-800-PAIN-FREE Scholarship Winner: Patrick Martin

AICA Scholarship WinnerThe 1-800-PAIN-FREE Scholarship winner is Patrick Martin! Patrick found out about this scholarship online and contacted us. We also enjoyed his personality and story.

Patrick is currently 19 years old and moving into his sophomore year of college at the University of West Georgia. At one point he was studying music education but has since decided to pursue a degree in English realizing his love for writing. He discovered a new passion for literature and saw potential in what people are able to do with communication.

He wrote in his essay, “Entire worlds can be built with nothing but descriptive vocabulary, and that is beautiful to me. But beyond the ability to build worlds is the ability to change minds.” These are powerful words by Patrick, and we couldn’t be happier in selecting him for this $1000 award.

Patrick expressed gratitude to AICA for helping him with this financial award. The scholarship has lessened his need for student loans and has helped his family support his endeavors in pursuing an education. As he wrote in his essay, Patrick has been raised by his single mother and has had difficulties in raising money for college. This scholarship helps in changing that narrative.

On behalf of the team at AICA Orthopedics, congrats Patrick!

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As Atlanta’s premier multi-specialty center, AICA is happy to provide the best care treatment and to continue enriching our communities with financial support. Look out for more scholarship opportunities from our clinics. You could end up just like Patrick!