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Work With Our Chiropractors To Treat Car Accident Injuries
Mar 27, 2019

Unfortunately, many people will continue to struggle with chronic pain after they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident. Fortunately, our Atlanta chiropractors our highly skilled in treating those who have been affected by a motor vehicle accident and can help get you on the road to recovery.

Treatment plans may vary depending on the injury and the patient’s individual needs but most treatment plans involve adjustments to the spine to minimize back and neck pain as well as migraines that may have developed after the accident.

Although we highly recommend these treatments, they can be costly. If your injuries are a result of a car accident due to another’s negligence, a settlement to help pay for your injuries could be awarded to you by the court system. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer right away if you have been a victim of a negligent driver to receive the care you deserve. Broken bones can heal but damage to soft tissue may take more time, so working with a chiropractor can decrease that overall recovery time.

How We Can Help

When involved in motor vehicle accidents or other traumatic occurrences, the body can be subjected to serious harm such as broken bones, head injuries and lacerations. However, most of those injuries heal and leave minimal pain afterwards whereas soft tissue damage can leave lingering and painful damage. Your physician may suggest working with a chiropractor to help alleviate that soft tissue pain and get you to a place where you can become pain free.

The primary focus of a chiropractor is to tend to one’s spine and matters associated with the musculoskeletal system which correlates with the structure and function of the whole body.

When patients address their pain with us, we develop a care plan to align to their needs which involve adjustments to the spine to begin the healing process in the soft tissue areas.

Diagnosis and Treatment

When treating patients we use a comprehensive approach and review the patient’s medical history, exams such as neurological and orthopedic as well as one’s overall physical health accompanied by labs and X-rays.

As our prime focus is the spine, we will evaluate the patient’s posture and from there determine if an adjustment is necessary.

Within our office we offer a wide range of therapy options not limited just to spinal adjustments. If your injuries were obtained in an accident you may require other treatments such as massage therapy, physical therapy and even acupuncture.

As treatment by a chiropractor may be essential for your recovery process after an accident, many insurance companies may cover some of the cost but the remaining balance may be left to you. If your injuries were sustained by another’s negligence, contacting a personal injury attorney can help you in reaching a settlement to help cover the cost of your medical bills and for your pain and suffering.

Contact Us After A Car Accident

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