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Your Body’s Natural Healing Abilities May Be The Best Answer For Fighting Sickness

Feb 3, 2020

Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities May Be The Best Answer For Fighting Sickness | AICA AtlantaAs flu season lurks among us, our first instinct is to sanitize everything from floor to ceiling, however, not allowing our bodies to be exposed to any germs may actually weaken our immune system in the long run.

Your Body’s Natural Ability To Heal Itself

We often like to think of our bodies as a machine and if we fuel it with everything we are supposed to it will run robotic-like. Although we may run similar to a computer in that we are programmed to perform certain functions and have the ability to multitask; we have one superpower that differentiates us from a machine’s robotic functions. Human beings have the ability to self-heal.

The Mystery and Science Behind Self-Healing

This self-healing capacity is a mystery. Self-healing was further investigated by doctors as they questioned how two people who worked side by side could be affected by illness differently. How could one person become ill and the other remain healthy when exposed to the same type of germs?

 This question perplexed many for years and finally, studies showed that it must not be the actual germ, but something internally that is causing the reaction or illness.

Ironically, Louis Pasteur, the actual author of the germ theory had second thoughts too. On his death bed he recanted his theory proclaiming, “…the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything.” In other words, it’s soil, not the seed (germ), that is the key to whether a germ will manifest into disease.

Some still believe in our society that if all germs are reduced or the exposure to germs is decreased then we will be able to remain healthy. This ideology has resulted in the “hygiene hypothesis.”

The Hygiene Hypothesis

This hygiene hypothesis states that with some exposure to germs, our bodies are better able to fight germs as our immune system becomes stronger. When a lack of exposure occurs, some believe that there is a higher chance of developing autoimmune conditions with a weaker immune system.

Yet, healthy individuals (that’s the key) are perfectly equipped to handle just about any germ or virus that comes our way. If not, the human race would have died off long ago.

Our self-healing capacity is working around the clock and keeping multiple germs at bay without us even knowing. So, as hard as we try keeping everything spotless, it is okay if we miss a spot, our bodies will work their magic and combat illness.

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