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Can a Chiropractor Help With Posture?

Nov 30, 2021

Can a Chiropractor Help With PostureWhen you think about improving your posture, the first thing that comes to mind is probably your parents telling you to “stand up straight” as a child. While this is a part of it, posture is much more than just that one action. Posture involves standing, sitting, and lying down, and when it isn’t proper, it can have a range of health effects. But unfortunately, poor posture is often ingrained in us and our daily habits, making it difficult to repair. Luckily, a car accident chiropractor is able to help by addressing the underlying causes of your posture challenges.

Why Posture Is Important

Part of your childhood instructions to stand up straight are about appearance, and posture can have an immediate impact here. Proper posture helps you to appear taller, healthier, and more confident, as well as showing you are engaged. But the real benefits of proper posture are invisible health benefits. This can include the proper alignment of bones and joints, a reduction of stress on ligaments, and reduced wear on muscles and joints. You may also notice fewer back injuries, more energy, a better mood, or improved digestion.

Sometimes poor posture is a result of existing conditions and injuries, making it difficult to adjust your posture. Poor posture can also cause these problems. Together, this creates an endless loop of worsening posture and health concerns.

Visiting a Chiropractor

From a chiropractic perspective, what’s known as “good” posture is actually a neutral spine. This happens when the spine is properly aligned and the body is able to function properly as a result. Alignment is the goal of chiropractic adjustments, making it a great treatment for any problems that cause or are caused by poor posture.

When you visit a chiropractor, the first thing they will do is ask questions to understand your concern. In addition to your symptoms and concerns, they will want to know more about your lifestyle. If you are physically active, especially if you perform manual labor or are sedentary most of the day, it can help them understand the types of concerns you may have. With this information, they will also do a physical examination with a particular focus on your posture.
For the exam, you may be asked to stand in various positions so they can get a 360-degree view of things like uneven shoulders, an arched back, twisted pelvis, or other symmetry issues.

How Chiropractors Improve Posture

Can a chiropractor treat back pain? The main way that chiropractors will address your concerns is through adjustments. They will start with gentle adjustments to the shoulder, including slow joint movements designed to help you optimally position your spine. This will also increase movement in the joint and reduce tension in the surrounding muscles, easing you towards better posture without pain.

In addition to addressing your bones, a chiropractor also works with your muscles to improve posture. Muscles that are weak, underused, or injured can tighten and become tense, pulling your spine and shoulders into unhealthy positions. This imbalance is corrected by releasing and strengthening your muscles, making it more comfortable to sit and stand with proper posture.

Chiropractors can also work with physical therapists to provide you with a series of exercises, stretches, and relaxation tools that can help you prevent your posture from becoming worse again. These routines are meant to help your muscles grow stronger and train your body to have better posture in the long term.

Focusing on Your Posture

If you want to improve your posture, there are a number of things you can do at home to help. Setting up any desk you use so that your screen is eye level and you are ergonomically positioned can help, as well as setting frequent reminders to check your posture and realign. You can also change the position in your car and your bed to optimize your environment. But if your body has been used to poor posture, a chiropractic adjustment will be the best way to help your spine fully reset so that new habits are more impactful.

At AICA Atlanta, our chiropractors are able to work with physical therapists and other professionals to craft personalized care plans that not only address your immediate concerns, but also offer better alignment moving forward. Whether you know your posture is poor, you want to keep up a good posture, or you are experiencing back pain and aren’t sure of the cause, AICA Atlanta can help. Call us today to schedule an initial evaluation with a chiropractor.


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