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Choosing To Be Happy On Colder Days
Oct 2, 2019

Choosing To Be Happy On Colder Days  | AICA AtlantaAs the days of summer have come to an end, the crisp cool evenings of fall is finally upon us. Some may be sad to see summer go, as this can mean schedules and routines and saying so long to warm summer nights.

Stay Motivated Throughout The Winter

As the cooler weather approaches, it is to stay mindful of how to keep yourself active and avoid a slump as the cooler weather reaches near. Our Atlanta chiropractors have some tips to keep you motivated and enjoying and embracing the changes that are coming your way!

Create Incentives

In summer, it’s hard to lay bed as you want to seize every nice day you can imagine. When cooler temperatures roll around, staying toasty in your bed seems like the way to go, but how do we motivate ourselves to seize the day in cooler weather? Create your own magic with these helpful tips:

  • Plan a delicious breakfast for yourself to help motivate you to pull yourself away from the covers.
  • Plan fall activities for yourself or your family.
  • Embrace the sweater weather and plan a hike.

Choose Joy

Cooler weather brings the time change which means going to work or school when the sun hasn’t woken up yet. This can make for people’s moods to become sad or dreary, so perk up your work space with a bright light or pictures of things that inspire you. Add plants into your life at home or at work as studies have shown that this boosts people’s moods and made them feel happier. Choose to be joyful.

Get Up and Move

If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, schedule time in your day to get up and move around. Studies have shown that sitting for eight hours or more can lead to chronic illnesses like diabetes and heart disease. If leaving your desk becomes difficult, think about creating a standing workstation which would allow you to remain productive as well as being mindful of your health. Print papers to a printer farther away to give yourself a chance to walk around for a few minutes.

Take Your Lunch Break

Sitting at your desk for lunch may make your boss happy, however, it is important for you to take a break from your work. Fueling your body with proper nutrients and taking a step back from your work for even a half-hour will help you be more productive. Enjoy your lunch and think of ways to incorporate your fall favorites into your lunch making for an even better break!

Make Time for Friends

As the weather gets cooler, going out may seem more tedious as coats and boots and hats as well as it being darker earlier can set you in the mood to just stay in. It is important to engage in social interactions even in the cooler months to help boost your mental health.

When bonds are created and friendships flourish, risks of high blood pressure and depression decrease. So, say yes to plans after work and say yes to that weekend outing, your health depends on it! As winter slowly comes near, be mindful of your choices and commit to staying positive. Continue to make healthy choices and remember self-care can go a long way.

If the cooler months find you in a slump, contact our Atlanta chiropractors for any aches and pains and other ways to boost your mood. Call us today at (404) 889-8828 to learn how.