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How Personal Debt Can Impact Your Overall Health
Feb 14, 2020

How Personal Debt Can Impact Your Overall Health | AICA AtlantaOnce you cross the threshold into adulthood, paying bills becomes a staple in your life. If you find that you are struggling with finances, the stress from that can begin to hinder your overall health.

Debt Stress

There is an epidemic plaguing many. It’s called debt stress.

Every time you enter a department store, a retail employee is always asking if you would like to apply for a store credit card. Although it may sound appealing because there is always some discount applied that day, these cards come at a cost. Interest rates can be excessively high and minimum payments hardly putting a dent into your overall debt.

Those who hold credit cards commonly have at least four, and of those four there is often a 17 percent interest rate. If paying only the minimum balance, it may take years to pay off and with multiple, this can become overwhelming. This increased level of stress can begin to hinder your health.

Debt’s Impact on Personal Health

Mental disorders, headaches, heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain/loss, insomnia – these are just a few of the by-products of debt stress. For some, spending is an addiction, just like alcohol, drugs or gambling, and it needs to be treated in much the same way.

Solutions That May Help

What can you do about your overwhelming and out-of-control debt? Here are some suggestions to help you regain control of your debt and your health:

  • Seek the advice and guidance of a reputable credit counselor.
  • Contact your creditors. Many will work with you to set up financially feasible payment schedules.
  • Reduce spending and stop incurring new debt.
  • Use a debit card instead of a credit card.
  • Use the money in a savings account that is earning minimal interest, to pay down any high-interest credit cards.
  • Remove credit cards from your purse or wallet
  • Pick your smallest debt and pay it off, moving on to the next smallest debt.

Although it may seem daunting, regaining your financial stability can happen by taking one step at a time.

AICA Atlanta Is Here For You

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