How Chiropractors Combat Stress
May 20, 2019

How Chiropractors Combat Stress | AICA AtlantaStress is something that affects many different walks of life and although stress levels have decreased in recent years, individuals still have trouble with money, family or even their jobs. High stress levels can lead to serious health problems if not addressed and treated.

Although some stressors may be unavoidable, there are ways to manage the stress as well as treating the symptoms that stress brings on. Working with a chiropractor can not only make you feel better physically, but allow healing for your mental health as well.

Children and Stress

Children are not excluded from high levels of stress as studies from the American Psychological Association show a third of all children who were surveyed in a study presented with physical symptoms resulting from high levels of stress. The symptoms displayed in children associated with extreme stress were troubles with sleep, as well as headaches and stomach aches. The alarming factor resulting from high stress was that suicide rates in children have increased an astronomical amount from the 1950’s.

Stress does not just cause for a rough day but takes a larger toll on the body than we think. Some common signs that stress is affecting our health is being irritable, feeling overwhelmed, anxious and even beginning to show signs of depression. The body however can suffer in different ways and gravely impact the body functioning properly.

Stress and the Body

When the mind is under a great deal of stress, muscles in the body can tense up which result in headaches and migraines which ultimately means the musculoskeletal system is being attacked. With stress comes the feeling of anxiousness which can cause our body to hyperventilate and even cause panic attacks.

When stress becomes overwhelming, the cardiovascular system works harder than it should which increases heart rates and creates inflammation in the arteries leaving people open for the potential for a stroke.

As the stress levels increase, the adrenal glands produce higher levels of cortisol which is associated with heart disease and even diabetes. As the body experiences high levels of stress, the nervous system goes into the fight or flight mode which causes the body to release hormones making the body think its in danger.

How Chiropractors Can Help

Everyone has different stressors and triggers in the world that cause us to feel overwhelmed, but there are ways to combat that stress. The good news however is that chiropractors can help! A chiropractor can help fight off the symptoms of stress by providing you with a spinal adjustment which ultimately deactivates that fight or flight hormone and calms the body and even lowers blood pressure.

If your life is full of stressors, reach out to our Atlanta chiropractors today so they can help decrease your level of stress and provide you with the overall wellness you deserve. Call us today at, (404) 889-8828.


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