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Accident Recovery | May 28, 2013

What is Third Party Liability Insurance?

When an accident occurs and an insurance claim is filed, three parties can be involved in the process. The first party in the situation is you as the policy holder. Your insurance carrier is the second party. If your accident involved another person, such as a driver of another vehicle…

Accident Recovery, Whiplash Injury | Oct 23, 2013

Recover From Your Car Accident with Physical Therapy In Atlanta

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should seek medical treatment immediately. During the recovery process, you may wish to visit with your Atlanta chiropractic doctors specializing in accident injury recovery and physical therapy. Physical therapy can play an important role in strengthening injured muscles and bones,…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries | Oct 25, 2013

Chiropractic Care For Accident Injuries In Atlanta

When considering the number of car accident injuries treated through chiropractic care, it is important to consider origin of the pain. Some of the most common factors involved in low back injuries include lack of seat belt use, rear impact if the car breaks suddenly, and side or frontal impact,…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Whiplash Injury | Nov 21, 2013

Treating Lower Back Pain After Getting Into A Car Accident In Atlanta

Lower back pain after a car accident is extremely common. Fortunately, there are several different ways this pain can be treated, and not all of the options require invasive surgeries. Find out more about lower back pain treatment after a car accident in Atlanta here: Acute Back Pain Treatment For…

Accident Recovery, Whiplash Injury | Dec 10, 2013

Treating Car Accident Injuries In Atlanta

While the services of medical doctors and chiropractors often complement each other, AICA's medical professionals play different roles in the treatment of auto accident injuries in Atlanta. Therefore, it is important to know how each medical professional can help you if you should suffer from an accident injury. Read on to…

Accident Recovery | Jan 29, 2014

Call Dr. Mike’s Cell To Talk about Your Accident!

The snow has our clinics closed but we're still here to help! Dr. Mike is pointing calls directly to his cell to answer questions about how to deal with accidents from the Winter Storm Leon. Call 1-800-4-DRMIKE (800-437-6453) and talk to Dr. Mike now!

Accident Recovery | Jan 29, 2014

If You Get Into An Accident On The Few Days It Snows In Atlanta, Here What You Need To Know

1. BE SAFE The icy conditions are unforgiving so please be very careful after an accident. Watch your step if you're walking around your vehicle to inspect for damage. If your car is stuck in a ditch or on the ice, be very cautious when trying to pull out. Spinning…

Accident Recovery, Lower Back Pain | Jul 8, 2014

What to Consider After a Back Injury

If you have suffered a low back injury, your main goal is likely to recover as quickly as possible. There are a variety of steps that you can take in order to speed up your recovery, including treating acute pain at home and consulting with a chiropractor located in Atlanta.…

Accident Recovery, Lower Back Pain | Dec 10, 2014

Three Things To Know About Stretching In Between Visits To The Chiropractor In Atlanta

It’s pretty easy to take your back to the chiropractor. What may be harder to figure out is what to do once you’ve left the doctor's office and are at home. For those who are suffering with lower back pain and need to visit a chiropractor on a regular basis,…

Accident Recovery, Attorneys & Chiro, Auto Accident FAQ, Auto Accident Injuries | Aug 21, 2015

What is the First Thing I Should Do After Getting Into a Car Accident in Atlanta

Atlanta is well known for its traffic problems. If you drive throughout Atlanta, you should be prepared for the possibility of getting into a car accident. After all, sustaining an auto accident injury is stressful enough without having to wonder: “What is the first thing I should do after getting into a…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Lower Back Pain | Nov 16, 2015

Three Ways Patients In Atlanta Benefit From Chiropractic Massage

Visiting a licensed Chiropractor in Atlanta involves more than simply receiving a massage or getting your back ‘cracked,’ so to speak. While massage therapy comes in a variety of forms and overall, are proven to offer positive health benefits like reducing stress; Chiropractors are trained to be able to identify…

Accident Recovery | Apr 4, 2016

Chiropractic Care and Accident Related Injuries In Atlanta

Any injury that is sustained as a result of an automobile accident in Atlanta can be extremely painful, adding on to an already traumatic experience. Even when bones aren’t broken, and particular symptoms aren’t visible, injuries like Whiplash can have devastating implications for your long-term health.

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Chiropractic | Feb 27, 2017

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Chiropractic Treatment

Visiting one of our Atlanta car accident injury Chiropractors is an excellent way to ensure long-term positive health. If you experience chronic pain and are interested in receiving Chiropractic treatment, there are particular actions you can take to get the most out of your examinations.

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Uncategorized | Mar 16, 2017

Car Accident Injury Treatment In Atlanta

After a car accident, any form of physical trauma such as neck pain, Whiplash, and back pain require immediate Chiropractic treatment. If you are involved in an auto collision near Atlanta, it is imperative that you call the experienced team of Atlanta car accident injury treatment Chiropractors at AICA immediately.…

Accident Recovery, Accidents, Chiropractic, Headaches and Migraines | Jun 15, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches Caused By Car Accidents

Headaches are common reactions to car accidents and are often indicative of other underlying injuries or damage. Depending on the circumstances, you may not experience this particular symptom immediately following your car accident. For some, it can develop within a few hours following a collision, while others don't develop chronic…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Car Accidents, Chriopractors | Jun 21, 2017

3 Reasons For Visiting An Atlanta Chiropractor After A Car Accident

If you are involved in a car accident in Atlanta, it's imperative to follow through with a complete Chiropractic examination to identify potential tissue damage or injuries that may exist. Although it's easy to tell whether you've broken a bone or sustained lacerations, internal injuries and soft tissue conditions require…

Accident Recovery, Back Pain, Car Accidents | Jun 22, 2017

How An Atlanta Chiropractor Can Treat Back Pain Caused By A Car Accident

Back injuries are one of the most common conditions sustained as a result of a car accident. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need immediate Chiropractic Treatment to avoid further complications or other chronic conditions from developing.

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Chriopractors | Jun 29, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash and Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences, regardless of how fast you were driving at the time of the collision. Getting into an accident while traveling at low speeds or under 30 miles per hour can cause a variety of injuries that range from Whiplash to back pain. Some injuries do…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Uncategorized | Jul 6, 2017

Our Atlanta Chiropractors Can Treat Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents have the potential to produce significant physical and emotional damage. Even when driving slowly or under 30 miles per hour, the chances of sustaining a serious injury are still high. For drivers who can walk away from a car accident without damaging their vehicle, it does not automatically…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries | Jul 9, 2017

How Our Atlanta Chiropractors Can Help You Recover From A Car Accident

It can take several weeks to a few months for a car accident to produce noticeable symptoms like chronic pain or stiffness. Many common car accident injuries have the potential to cause other chronic conditions or permanent damage if left untreated. Because of this, it is highly recommended to follow…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries | Jul 14, 2017

Holistic Treatment For Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents have the potential to create significant physical and emotional trauma for those involved. The good news is that the body has the ability to recover from most common car accident injuries with the support of our Atlanta Chiropractors. Chiropractic Treatment is a safe alternative to traditional forms of medicine,…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries | Jul 19, 2017

Three Reasons To Visit An Atlanta Chiropractor After A Car Accident

If you find yourself in the middle of a car accident, it's imperative to seek Chiropractic Treatment as soon as possible. Although you may be able to tell whether you are injured immediately, there are a variety of common car accident injuries that are not as obvious as others. Atlanta…

Accident Recovery, Chriopractors, Whiplash Injury | Jul 20, 2017

5 Chiropractic Techniques That Treat Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash Injury is caused by a sharp, sudden force that literally "whips" your head in multiple directions simultaneously. Although symptoms vary from each patient, most people who suffer from Whiplash experience significant pain, soreness, stiffness, inflammation, and recurring headaches. If left untreated, patients may experience other chronic conditions, as well…

Accident Recovery, Car Accidents, Chiropractic | Jul 26, 2017

How Our Atlanta Chiropractors Can Help Car Accident Victims

Car accidents and crashes are a regular event for Atlanta residents driving through the greater region.If you are involved in a car accident, the chances of sustaining some injury are high based on the impact and force of collisions, even minor ones. Most car accident victims require treatment for pain,…

Accident Recovery, Accidents, Auto Accident Injuries | Aug 9, 2017

Atlanta’s Premier Car Accident Chiropractic Clinic

The time to think about recovering from a car accident begins immediately after a collision takes place. Although you may appear and feel fine after an accident, it is important to have an experienced Atlanta Chiropractor evaluate your condition to rule out underlying injuries that may exist.

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries | Aug 18, 2017

Choosing The Right Car Accident Injury Chiropractor In Atlanta

AICA Atlanta offers safe, meaningful treatment for tissue damage, Whiplash Injury, back pain, and other common car accident injuries. If you have never been treated by a Chiropractor before, choosing the right one can make a difference for how well and fast you recover. Whether you are involved in a…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries | Nov 10, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Care After A Car Accident

You can go almost your whole life without getting into an auto accident, and then BAM! It happens. It’s unpredictable, and it really can affect anyone. Maybe even enough to ruin your life.

Accident Recovery, Back Pain | Jan 24, 2018

Seek Chiropractic Treatment After A Back Injury

Back pain is the leading cause of disability throughout the United States and can make basic tasks such as sleeping or moving unbearable. For those who sustain a back injury or suffer from chronic back pain, Chiropractic Treatment serves as an all-natural alternative solution that is safe for people of…

Accident Recovery | Apr 13, 2018

Atlanta Chiropractic Care for Blunt Trauma and Fractures

When a car accident victim sustains a serious traumatic injury, it’s imperative that they receive proactive medical treatment as soon as possible to ensure a complete recovery. For victims who experience bone fractures, treating the injury and preventing infection are critical for preventing other conditions from developing. In most cases…

Accident Recovery, Injury Recovery | Apr 27, 2018

Why Physical Therapy May Be the Solution for Your Accident Injuries

If you’ve recently experienced a car accident, it is likely that you have sustained some type of injury or physical trauma. Depending on the extent of the accident, you may only have a few minor cuts or bruises. More severe injuries like fractured bones or herniated discs produce noticeable symptoms…

Accident Recovery, Car Accidents | Oct 12, 2018

Chiropractic Treatment Can Minimize Car Accident Injuries

Unfortunately, car accidents can be an unavoidable part of life that we face. Luckily, most are not serious, however, they can have long-term lasting effects such as back, shoulder, or neck pain. These can linger and become chronic conditions that impact your lifestyle for years to come. Seeking treatment from…

Accident Recovery, Uncategorized | Oct 26, 2018

Receive Proper Treatment For Car Accident Injuries

In the United States, car accidents are the leading cause of injuries. Although these injuries are circumstantial to the nature of the accident, it is still important to seek care from one of our chiropractors immediately after to ensure that your spine is receiving proper treatment.

Accident Recovery | Nov 19, 2018

Research Shows Car Accident Victims Should Seek Immediate Chiropractic Treatment

When you sustain an injury as a result of a car accident you may find yourself stressed and in pain. This can negatively impact your daily life and interfere with the way you spend your day. Compounded over time without immediate intervention, these injuries can become life-changing.

Accident Recovery, Car Accidents | Feb 8, 2019

Why Minor Car Accidents Merit A Complete Examination

There are numerous accidents that take place in our area daily. While sadly some are fatal, most result in minor hidden injuries. If you are unsure if you have sustained an injury in a car accident, it is still important to be evaluated by a medical profession to determine if…

Accident Recovery | Sep 16, 2019

Seek Treatment Following An Auto Accident

Here at AICA Atlanta, our chiropractors provide the most therapeutic chiropractic treatment for car accident injuries. If involved in an accident, your back and neck can experience intense jarring which can lead to conditions like whiplash and herniated discs. Following your accident, it is always best to be examined as…

Accident Recovery, Physical Therapy Doctors | Sep 18, 2019

Physical Therapy After A Car Accident Occurs

In some cases, the initial medical treatment for neck injuries in a car accident is prescription pain medicine and a neck brace, however, this method only proves to be a Band-Aid and does not correct the actual injury. When physical therapy is introduced as a treatment option, the damaged tissue…

Accident Recovery, Accidents | Nov 13, 2019

Chiropractic Helps Treat Auto Injuries

If you have fallen victim to a car accident, you may experience a strain in your neck muscles. Damage to the neck muscles can result in whiplash which can cause mobility issues.

Improving Your Health After An Auto Accident | AICA Atlanta

Accident Recovery, Car Accidents | Jan 27, 2020

Improving Your Health After An Auto Accident

The moment we all dread, looking in the rearview mirror and seeing a car coming right for you and there is nothing you can do except brace for impact. As the other car comes barreling into you, glass breaking, bumpers bending, you begin thinking of a million things and hope…

6 Types of Headaches You Might Experience After an Accident

Accident Recovery, Headaches | Jun 2, 2021

6 Types of Headaches You Might Experience After an Accident

We’ve all had a headache before, whether it is from a lack of sleep, an odd position of the neck, or one brought on by stress. While we know how to identify these as headaches, and something we want to treat or avoid in the future, many people don’t realize…


Accident Prevention, Accident Recovery | Sep 10, 2021

Top 5 Car Accident Myths

If you have never been in a car accident before, then you might be surprised to learn that some of what you’ve heard is actually a myth. Millions of people receive medical attention for car accident injuries every year, and yet there are still so many myths and misconceptions about…


Accident Recovery, Car Accidents | Sep 20, 2021

How to Overcome the Fear of Driving After a Car Accident

Even if you didn’t experience any injury from a car accident, you can still feel uncomfortable getting back behind the wheel. People who have been injured in a car accident often find it troubling and can even develop a fear of driving after a car accident. A trip to a…

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