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Head Trauma in a Car Accident Can Cause Seizures

Aug 10, 2021

Head Trauma in a Car Accident Can Cause SeizuresA car accident can actually lead to head trauma when something injures your brain tissue or fractures your skull. Traumatic brain injuries are the most common type of head trauma that require medical intervention right away and even cause complications like seizures. A blow to the head or a violent jolt of the head and neck can cause head trauma that can lead to a variety of neurological symptoms. If you experienced head trauma during a car accident then visit an experienced neurologist in Atlanta for quality and effective treatment as soon as possible. If you do not have a history of seizures but experience one or more after being in a car accident, then talk to your doctor right away.

Understanding Seizures

When the brain’s electrical activity changes or is disrupted, it can lead to seizures. A seizure caused by head trauma may include violent shaking and temporary loss of bodily control. These are typically a sign of something more serious going on with the brain due to some aspect of the traumatic brain injury sustained from the car accident. Some people are able to recognize the signs of a seizure about to occur, like sudden dizziness, vision changes, a headache, and jerky movements. When you have a seizure in progress, it is possible to lose consciousness while your body experiences uncontrollable muscle spasms. Other symptoms of a seizure include clenching your teeth, biting your tongue, making strange noises, and losing bladder or bowel control.

How Head Trauma Increases Seizure Risk

The two main ways you can experience head trauma in a car accident are from a blow to the head or due to violent shaking. A blow to the head may occur if you hit your head on a part of the vehicle, like the steering wheel, dashboard, or window. You may experience a violent shaking in a serious car accident when your head and neck get jostled around from the force of impact. In both of these situations, the brain can actually get shifted around and end up making contact with the skull.

During normal, everyday movements, there is a protective layer between the brain and skull that allows for some movements. However, a violent and sudden movement from a car accident can cause the brain to collide with the hard skull of your head. This can cause bruising on the brain or even a brain bleed. A seizure is one of the more severe symptoms of head trauma like a traumatic brain injury. Even after you heal from a traumatic brain injury, a scar on the brain can also trigger a seizure.

Car Accidents and Head Trauma

In order to diagnose your head trauma, your doctor will likely want to run some diagnostic imaging tests. An MRI is a highly detailed diagnostic imaging tool that will provide your doctor with in-depth pictures of your brain and help identify any areas of concern or damage. A neurologist in Atlanta may also recommend testing your brain waves and brain activity after a serious car accident that caused head trauma. This test is known as EEG, electroencephalogram, that can even help your doctor determine what type of seizure you have had. Neurological issues will always include the brain directly or indirectly, so an injury to the brain itself will involve seeing a neurologist. Neurologists have the knowledge and expertise to address complicated issues and injuries to the brain. The doctor’s diagnosis of your head trauma and the cause of your seizures will help to inform the most appropriate treatment plan for you.

In order to properly treat your head trauma and seizures, your doctor will first want to get at the root cause of all your symptoms. If you have recurring seizures after a head trauma, then make sure you have someone at home with you to help. A loved one can help check you for injuries and turn you on your side if possible. Your neurologist in Atlanta can also talk to you about treatment options for your head trauma and seizure, which may include medications, nerve stimulation, or even surgery.

If you have experienced a seizure after being in a car accident, then don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our neurologists in Atlanta today.


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