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Chiropractic, Whiplash Injury | Jan 15, 2013

Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Pain

The neck endures more stress than most people realize, the necks flexible range of motion as well as its role of carrying your 13lb head, and being mostly bone and cartilage with very little muscle makes the neck one of the easiest parts of the body to injure. Everything is…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain | Feb 5, 2013

Chiropractic Treatment During Pregnancy

More women are choosing chiropractic care and adjustments to help have smoother pregnancies. Chiropractors can help to provide therapeutic stretches and exercises to expectant mothers, and they can provide alignments that can reduce muscle tension and pain. Chiropractic adjustments can also relieve lower back pain that often affects many pregnant women.…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain | Feb 19, 2013

Relieving Sciatica Pain with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors regularly treat sciatica as they are able to both evaluate and diagnose the condition while determining the root cause and developing an effective treatment plan. Our Chiropractic care will treat discomfort associated with spinal misalignment, which is generally the cause of sciatica pain. Sciatica Pain Causes Sciatica pain is…

Chiropractic | Mar 25, 2013

The Relationship between Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

Neck pain, headaches, and back pain are some of the distressing and painful conditions that affect us at some point in our lives. Many patients have been turning to a combined treatment plan of chiropractic care and massage therapy in order to provide a powerful approach to address this pain.…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain | Jun 21, 2013

Adjust Your Posture to Reduce Lumbar Stenosis Pain

Individuals that are dealing with spinal stenosis suffer from considerable pain. Some of the most common symptoms include leg pain, numbness, burning sensations, and tingling. While lower back pain may also occur, leg pain is often the most severe. When seeking chiropractic care, chiropractors in Atlanta may perform adjustments and…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Sep 26, 2013

How To Care For Your Spinal Discs Living In Atlanta

Suffering from a back injury related to your spinal discs will likely take you to a chiropractor or one of the accident injury centers of Atlanta. Fortunately, there are ways that you could potentially avoid spinal disc problems, and it all comes down to how you care for your discs.…

Chiropractic | Sep 26, 2013

Using Chiropractic Care to Treat Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Chiropractic care can be used to treat a variety of pain conditions and other ailments that you may experience, and myofascial pain syndrome is just one of them. When it comes to myofascial pain, this treatment method is sometimes even more effective than traditional medicine and expensive prescription drugs. Understanding myofascial…

Chiropractic | Nov 13, 2013

Champions of Chiropractic: Dr. Sid E. Williams

A study of the field of chiropractic care is not complete without addressing the influence and contributions of Dr. Sid E. Williams. Dr. Williams is credited with being a major contributor to the mainstreaming of chiropractic care, and he developed a place in which he could train and educate others…

Chiropractic | Nov 18, 2013

A Brief History of Chiropractic Care

The chiropractic profession is becoming increasingly popular, and patients are beginning to choose this treatment option more frequently for a variety of issues. Our Atlanta chiropractors use spinal adjustments and manipulations to ease pain and promote overall wellness without the use of drugs. To better understand this field, it is…

Chiropractic | Nov 27, 2013

Services Provided by the Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners

The Georgia Board of Chiropractic Examiners includes six Governor-appointed members who are responsible for promoting and protecting the public safety, welfare, and health of Georgia citizens. This board consists of five practicing and licensed chiropractors and one member who acts as a consumer. Some of the most important services provided…

Chiropractic | Dec 11, 2013

Professional Chiropractic Associations in America

Many Doctors of Chiropractic obtain affiliation with chiropractic professional organizations, and there are a variety of these groups located throughout the country. Descriptions about some of the most popular associations are outlined below: American Chiropractic Association (ACA) The ACA represents Doctors of Chiropractic by preserving, protecting, improving, and promoting the…

Chiropractic | Dec 20, 2013

The Sacro Occipital Chiropractic Technique (SOT): What It Can Do For Patients In Atlanta

The Sacro Occipital Technique(SOT) is a chiropractic maneuver that works to provide balance between the top and bottom of the spine. This is important for the normal, everyday functions that the brain and spinal cord undertake. If you are located around the greater Atlanta region and are suffering from constant…

Chiropractic | Dec 20, 2013

Star-Quality Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a great option for people from all walks of life, and both celebrities and everyday people can benefit from it. In fact, a variety of well-known celebrities rely on the use of chiropractic care in order to maintain their health. Read on to learn about public figures…

Chiropractic | Apr 14, 2014

Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy: Is it Really Safe?

Pregnancy takes a major toll on the body, and as the weeks go on, some women search for ways to relieve their back and joint pain. While many women turn to Chiropractic care as a solution, others are hesitant because they are unsure if an adjustment is safe for them…

Chiropractic | Apr 22, 2014

Are Chiropractors Really Doctors?

Chiropractors, who are often referred to as doctors of Chiropractic’s, are sometimes confused with medical doctors. While there are similarities between the two professions, there are also some major differences. Chiropractors are similar to doctors in other health care professions such as dentistry, podiatry, and optometry, and they typically have…

Chiropractic | Jun 12, 2014

For Those Suffering From Chronic Back Pain In Atlanta, Here Is Why You Need Chiropractic Care

There are many sources out there that say Chiropractic care is a waste of money. These skeptics stand behind the argument that chiropractic has no scientific basis and that instead of helping your overall well-being, going to a Chiropractor can hinder it. However, these arguments are neither well reasoned, nor…

Chiropractic | Oct 16, 2014

Happy National Chiropractic Health Month

October is National Chiropractic Health Month and we are celebrating health all over the nation. National Chiropractic Health Month is sponsored by the American Chiropractic Association to raise awareness about chiropractic care and the services that it provides. If you deal with back, neck or shoulder pain, or even other…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Oct 27, 2014

How Residents In Atlanta Can Combat Fatigue With Chiropractic Care

If anyone answered honestly when asked how he or she was, the most common answer would most likely be “tired.” Our focused society continuously pushes us to do more in a single day, reducing the number of hours we can devote to rest and relaxation. The precious few moments of…

Chiropractic | Nov 13, 2014

How Patients In Atlanta Can Help Treat Scoliosis With Chiropractic Care

Scoliosis comes in many shapes and severities and can affect you in different ways.  Some cases are smaller and don’t need much treatment aside from observation, while others grow to the point of causing you pain. Scoliosis is the official term of the unnatural curving of your spine.  Your spine…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain | Nov 26, 2014

What To Look For When Choosing A New Chiropractor In Atlanta

New to Atlanta and need a new chiropractor to help ease your aches and pains? It’s important to find a chiropractor that meets your specific needs and has the necessary resources to take care of you. A good chiropractor can be hard to come by if you don’t know what…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain | Dec 17, 2014

The Activator Technique: What It Means and How It Can Help Chiropractic Patients Living In Atlanta, GA

Activator Technique There are different types of chiropractic adjustments, many of which involve unaided physical intervention by the chiropractor. By using hands and arms to effect holds, bends, or a quick thrust, chiropractors can adjust the position of vertebrae and joints in the body. In this way a chiropractor can…

Chiropractic | Dec 18, 2014

Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

You don’t have to let stress take hold of you and your holiday. Follow these six ways to deal with holiday stress and enjoy the season ahead of you. 1) Stretch Holiday shopping, while enjoyable, can take a lot out of you. Make sure you stretch when you start your…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jan 6, 2015

2015 Health Tips

The New Year is here, and that means you have the opportunity to renew your health vows - to yourself. Of course, the problem is, that’s hard to do! Habits are the hardest thing to make. Consider that to make a new habit, it may take you a month of…

Chiropractic | Jan 13, 2015

Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Running across the palm of the hand into the wrist and forearm lies the median nerve. The nerve provides sensation for your inner palm, and is protected by the hard tunnel made of bone and tendons known as the carpal tunnel. When the tendons making up the carpal tunnel become…

Chiropractic | Jan 26, 2015

Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss

There are numerous benefits to seeing a chiropractor. What you may not have known is the entire range of issues that your chiropractor can help you with, including weight loss. Especially if you’re not thrilled with treatments, diet fads, pills and invasive procedures, then the chiropractic weight loss option is…

Chiropractic | Feb 5, 2015

How Chiropractic Patients In Atlanta Can Better Understand Their Bill

Everyone knows that when you go to the doctor you’ll have a bill. Whether that’s covered by the insurance company or your own purse strings, you’re going to owe something that someone, somewhere, will have to pay. The same is true for chiropractic care. The good news is that in…

Chiropractic | Feb 12, 2015

Chiropractic Appointment Don’ts For Residents In Atlanta, GA

If you’re wondering what to expect at a Chiropractor in Atlanta, the good news is that you’ve found the right city. Next door in Marietta is Life University, the home of one of the nation’s leading schools for training doctors of Chiropractic, which makes Atlanta the happy beneficiary of tremendous…

Chiropractic | Feb 18, 2015

Treating Asthma with Chiropractic

When you’re looking for Atlanta asthma treatment, you don’t have to rely on common medical procedures that force you to take drugs. What’s wrong with drugs? Nothing per se. But in our post-modern, chemical model of medicine pushed by the giant pharmaceutical machine, we’re not getting all of our needs…

Chiropractic | Feb 19, 2015

Treatment for Residents In Altanta Suffering From Arthritic Knees

When you’re looking for Atlanta Chiropractic care for knee pain, here is a list of the information that you should be aware of. Knee joints inflamed, painful and swollen or stiff, may indicate that you’re suffering from arthritis. The disease can affect any of the joints of the body, which…

Chiropractic, Slip & Fall Injuries | Mar 25, 2015

Ways Residents In Atlanta Can Improve Their Balance and Coordination

When residents in Atlanta are looking for ways that they can improve their balance and coordination to prevent chronic back pain, the first advice is just to think about it. When you don’t think about your balance and coordination, you’ll be missing a vital component of how you work, and…

Chiropractic | Mar 27, 2015

Treatment For Pinched Nerves and How Residents In Atlanta Can Use Chiropractic Procedures To Relieve Pain

If you are suffering from pinched nerves because of a personal injury or car accident, it's important to understand how seeing a Chiropractor in Atlanta can help relieve you of your pain instantly. Your nerves are on a journey from your brain down your spinal cord out to the far…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Apr 3, 2015

Atlanta Allergy Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Now that spring is official; you’re probably starting to think about how you can obtain complete allergy relief treatment in Atlanta. That’s because in our neck of the woods, where we have a lot of healthy people (in the 1st world) those who are hit with allergies is quite high. Figure…

Chiropractic | Apr 7, 2015

Treating Arthritis with Chiropractic Care in Atlanta

One in five adults has arthritis. When you want an arthritis treatment Chiropractor in Atlanta, you should read this blog. Maybe you’re dealing with rheumatoid arthritis, which is a genetic condition that affects millions of Americans. It occurs in healthy people, even children - upwards of 1 out of every…

Chiropractic | Apr 14, 2015

How Professionals In Atlanta Can Maintain Good Posture at Work To Prevent Chronic Back Pain

Quickly, think about how you’re sitting. Are you hunched over? Are your legs crossed? If you said yes to either of those, it’s okay, we all do it, even though we know we shouldn’t. For many of us, a day at work means sitting or standing for many hours at…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain | Apr 15, 2015

What is the Graston Technique? Understanding More About Common Chiropractic Procedures For Patients In Atlanta

For Chiropractic patients in Atlanta, the Graston Technique is a very simple manual Chiropractic therapy that AICA uses to stimulate the healing of soft tissue. After an auto accident, sports injury or pain from overuse that inhibits movement, you may experience strain, pain, and constraint in different muscles, ligaments or…

Chiropractic | Apr 21, 2015

I Just Got Into a Car Accident in Atlanta, What Should I Do Now?

Traffic in Atlanta is notoriously awful, and accidents are very common, so it’s important to know what steps you should take before a fender-bender, or worse, happens. Receiving Chiropractic treatment for auto accident injuries is stressful enough without having to ask, “I just got into a car crash in Atlanta, what…

Chiropractic, Whiplash Injury | Apr 28, 2015

The Long Term Health Effects of Whiplash When Untreated

The long-term health effects of Whiplash when untreated by a Chiropractor in Atlanta are numerous. Certainly getting the right help quickly is going to be the best remedy for avoiding further complications. These adverse effects are going to vary depending on the damage that was done.

Chiropractic | Apr 28, 2015

When Is Chiropractic Treatment In Atlanta Ongoing?

Chiropractic care is a bit of a mystery for a lot of people, and as many people swear by, just as there are people who may scoff at it. Word of mouth experiences or feedback can make the decision to see an Atlanta Chiropractor a difficult one. One of the…

Chiropractic | Apr 29, 2015

Most Common Foot Injuries and Treatment For Patients in Atlanta

Nothing in your body is like your foot, and no other part can do what your feet are capable of doing. We take them for granted, in part because we rarely see them. They’re way down there doing their thing, and unless they hurt, they remain off the radar. In…

Chiropractic | Apr 30, 2015

Safety Tips For ATV Riders and Enthusiasts In Atlanta, GA

If you don’t want to be stuck looking for ATV accident treatment in Atlanta, you need to follow the rules about how to ride a quad. It’s because ATV’s are big, heavy and behave like a rock with a seat when they’re falling end over end. Your ATV is kind…

Chiropractic, Whiplash Injury | May 5, 2015

Most Common Conditions Chiropractors In Atlanta Treat

The most common conditions Chiropractors in Atlanta treat begin with those that are sourced in the spine. That includes a wide variety of pain and disorders that affect the muscular and skeletal system. There are two broad reasons. The first is that the spine, which connects to the skull at…

Chiropractic | May 8, 2015

Three Ways Car Accident Doctors Treat Acute Back Pain In Atlanta

If you’ve recently been in a car accident or were in one long ago, and you’re currently suffering from acute back pain, you should seek Chiropractic treatment in Atlanta from professionals who specialize in accident injury care. The longer you wait, the more you increase the risk of developing other…

Chiropractic | May 11, 2015

With So Many To Choose From, How Do I Choose The Right Chiropractor In Atlanta?

When most people think of Chiropractic care, they focus on one thing: traditional spinal adjustments. But in reality, regular spinal adjustments are just one of many various techniques that Chiropractors use. Some Chiropractors make adjustments with the aid of instruments; some only use manual manipulations. Some focus specifically on the…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jun 18, 2015

How To Schedule An Appointment With A Chiropractor In Atlanta

Do you want to visit an Atlanta Chiropractor but you aren't sure how to schedule an appointment? We have good news for you: The Accident Injury Centers of Atlanta (AICA) is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help when you have an emergency, or whenever you…

Chiropractic | Jul 1, 2015

I Need A Chiropractor In Atlanta Right Now, Where Should I Go?

It’s difficult to fully understand how devastating neck and back pain can be until you experience it yourself.The pain can take over your life, threatening your relationships and putting your job at risk. The pain can take over your life, threatening your relationships and putting your job in jeopardy. Chiropractic…

Chiropractic | Jul 17, 2015

Ways to Prevent Back Pain in Atlanta

It should go without saying that a healthy back is one that is taken care of. How to do that can slip for anyone from time to time; moving a cumbersome or oblong box, moving too fast, or not moving enough. The back is a delicate instrument that is both…

Chiropractic | Oct 19, 2015

Why Your Feet and Knees Are Causing You Pain and How You Can End It

Some of the most common complaints people throughout community bring to their Atlanta Chiropractor are pain and discomfort in their feet, hip, knees, and back. Most of the time, pain associated with these areas of the body is caused by misalignments found within the spine, which are called subluxations. A…

Chiropractic | Oct 21, 2015

Why Back Surgery Might Not Be The Best Option For Back Pain

While this figure continues to grow, concerns from members of the medical community around necessity and effectiveness are becoming more mainstream. If you need to see a College Park Chiropractor to treat ongoing back pain, make sure you thoroughly research and ask questions around what options are available, as well…

Chiropractic | Oct 26, 2015

The Most Popular Chiropractic Questions Patients In Atlanta Ask

Our team of fully-accredited Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta receives dozens of questions from interested and concerned patients just like you, each and every day. From what goes into various Chiropractic techniques and services to general questions about safety; our team always takes the time to carefully explain the full ins and…

Chiropractic | Nov 19, 2015

Health Benefits and The Effectiveness of Chiropractic Treatment

You might believe that Chiropractors only focus on relieving neck and back pain, but did you know that their services also provide a world of alternative health benefits? Whether you’ve been battling high blood pressure for years, despite being placed on a variety of prescription pills, or you suffer from…

Chiropractic | Dec 16, 2015

Three Reasons You Need To Visit Your Local Atlanta Chiropractor

Each and every year, hundreds of new and returning patients visit our team of experienced Atlanta Chiropractors. Our patients require a variety of techniques and treatments to address their new or ongoing health conditions. Depending on the extent of someone’s injury or the type of pain they endure, some patients…

Chiropractic | Apr 19, 2016

Don’t Call In Sick To Your Chiropractic Appointment In Atlanta

Just like you would keep an appointment with your general practitioner when you are sick, you should keep your chiropractic appointment in Atlanta. You may be tempted to call and cancel, but it's far better that you come in to see the doctor and receive your treatment.

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | May 18, 2016

Treating Fibromyalgia Patients In Atlanta With Chiropractic Care

Today stands as National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day and our Chiropractors’ thought it would be great to help educate those throughout Atlanta about this painful chronic condition. Let’s take a look…

Chiropractic | Jun 3, 2016

Chiropractic Care and Pain Relief

Chiropractic is a health care system that maintains that the arrangement of the body, especially the spine, affects the function of all body parts. Chiropractors try to correct or improve the body’s alignment to relieve pain and enhance function and to help the body repair itself. While the pillar of…

Chiropractic | Jun 7, 2016

Why Chiropractic Care Makes Sense For Cancer Patients In Atlanta

Cancer patients can often experience some side effects, caused by either cancer itself or the treatment used to fight it—sometimes both. Research has shown that, in many cases, supportive therapies can help patients manage those side effects and reduce the risk of delays in treatment. One such therapy involves chiropractic…

Back Pain, Chiropractic | Jun 9, 2016

Answering Atlanta’s Most Common Questions About Chiropractic Adjustments

What is a chiropractic adjustment? Also known as a spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), Chiropractic Adjustment is a procedure used by highly skilled doctors of Chiropractic. Chiropractors perform the adjustment with a small instrument or their hands, using a specific amount of quick force, applied in a single direction to a…

Chiropractic | Jun 10, 2016

How To Prevent Back Pain For Patients In Atlanta

Approximately 80 perent of people will have a serious back pain episode at some point in their life. Once you experience an episode of back pain, it is likely to recur, usually within 1 year of the first onset. What a terrible thing! It’s no surprise that billions of dollars…

Chiropractic | Jun 13, 2016

Tips From Our Chiropractors To Help With Your Summer Gardening

Most of us who enjoy outside work in the garden or on the lawn are right at the stage of moving from spring to fall with a lot of cleanup activities. If that describes you too, a few chiropractic tips may be helpful to avoid sore knees, shoulders, and back…

Chiropractic | Jun 14, 2016

Keep Chiropractic Care In Mind This Summer

Yay for summertime! Increased outdoor activities, working around the home, and expanding our variety of exercises are all part of the enjoyment and fun we look forward to. Along with all these inspiring summer activities comes the extra strain and pressure on your back and body. Bummer! We all love…

Chiropractic, Headaches and Migraines | Jun 16, 2016

Chiropractic For Treating Patients Suffering With Chronic Headaches

Although migraines affect a considerable number of people, the causes are not entirely understood. Changes in chemical balances within the body and changes in the function of the nervous systems or blood in particular areas of the brain have been linked to the cause of migraine attacks. So, it is…

Chiropractic | Jun 23, 2016

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help Patients With Crohn’s Disease

Named after the doctor who identified the disease, Dr. Burrill B. Crohn, Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel condition affecting the gastrointestinal tract. While comparable to ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease is not the same illness. An estimated 700,000 Americans suffer from Crohn’s disease; it affects men and women of…

Chiropractic, Neck Pain | Jun 24, 2016

Don’t Wake Up Sore and Stiff Anymore!

After a long summer day in Atlanta, the last thing on your mind as you crawl into bed for a goodnight’s sleep is the position your head, neck, and back take when lying down. However, for those who find themselves waking up sore on a regular basis, you might want…

Auto Accident FAQ, Auto Accident Injuries, Chiropractic | Jul 1, 2016

Why You Need to See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident in Atlanta

Accidents are a fact of life in Atlanta. There are a lot of ways since it’s one of the biggest urban centers in the nation. Not everyone follows the rules and even when they do, people make mistakes. And those mistakes may result in you needing to see a chiropractor.…

Chiropractic | Jul 14, 2016

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

Most of our patients first approach our AICA Atlanta Chiropractors knowing that they are suffering from back pain, but not understanding the root causes. Understanding Spinal Stenosis In the world of Chiropractic medicine, the term “stenosis” refers to the abnormal narrowing of a particular channel within your body. When this word is attached…

Chiropractic, Lower Back Pain, Neck Pain | Jul 18, 2016

How Atlanta’s Chiropractic Patients Can Benefit From Trigger Point Therapy

Atlanta Trigger Point Therapy serves as an excellent alternative solution for those who suffer from chronic pain derived from subluxations and muscle damage. What Are Trigger Points? For those who are not familiar with the term, trigger points are particular spots within your muscle fibers that have become damaged or overstrained and…

Chiropractic | Jul 19, 2016

Get The Facts On Juvenile Arthritis For Children Near Altanta

July serves as National Juvenile Arthritis Awareness month, and the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta would like to shed some light on this condition, as it affects the children around our great community. Although not as common as with adults, children are also susceptible to arthritis, which is caused by inflammation…

Chiropractic | Jul 26, 2016

Improve Your Golf Game With Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Two of the many purposes of Chiropractic Adjustments are to help enhance your flexibility and posture. If you and your friends or family enjoy spending the day at one of Atlanta’s beautiful golf courses, consider visiting one of the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta for regular adjustments.

Chiropractic, Chronic Pain | Jul 28, 2016

Chiropractic Treatment Goes Beyond Bone Injuries For Patients Near Atlanta

If you suffer from painful symptoms connected to osteoarthritis and degenerative discs, there are Chiropractic treatment solutions that can help. Review the following chiropractic treatment solutions that provide pain relief and help address the root causes of osteoarthritis. Chiropractic Therapy Therapeutic massage is proven to help relieve pain associated with osteoarthritis,…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Aug 9, 2016

Start The New School Year Stress With Chiropractic Care

All parents know what it means when August draws to a close; it’s time to prepare for the chaos that comes with the back-to-school season. Taking your kids shopping for new school clothes, running around town to pick up new supplies, and scheduling new drop-off/pickup routines can be extremely overwhelming…

Chiropractic | Aug 18, 2016

AICA Atlanta’s Chiropractors Can Treat TMJ

Many people are surprised by the vast reach Chiropractic Care has when it comes to addressing and treating painful conditions that go beyond back and neck pain. In fact, when it comes to Chiropractic Care, the benefits are almost endless! While it's easy to connect Chiropractic treatment with back conditions,…

Chiropractic | Aug 22, 2016

Chiropractic Care For Patients Who Suffer From Ear Infections

Ear infections are not often associated with Chiropractic care offered throughout Atlanta. However, the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta can offer pain relief when you or your children are suffering from pain as a result of an infection. Where traditional medicine tends to utilize antibiotics that can contain some concerning side effects primarily,…

Chiropractic | Aug 25, 2016

Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Asthma Patients Near Atlanta

Atlanta Chiropractic care is not only able to treat patients who suffer from back pain, but it can also help prevent asthma attacks from taking place. There are over 6.8 million children in the United States who have asthma, which translates to one out of three children per classroom. This…

Chiropractic | Sep 13, 2016

Chiropractic Care for Headaches & Migraines

At one time or another, we’ve all experienced stabbing or throbbing pains in our heads. Because the head controls the rest of the body’s functions, nothing else can get your attention enough so completely or immediately. If there were only one cause, treating headaches in Atlanta would be easy. Chiropractic…

Chiropractic | Oct 3, 2016

October is National Chiropractic Health Month

For people who suffer from chronic back pain in Atlanta, now is the perfect time to learn all about the health benefits associated with Chiropractic care! October just so happens to be National Chiropractic Health Month! It’s time to rejoice and you can begin right now by learning more about…

Chiropractic | Oct 24, 2016

Top 4 Reasons To Visit One of Our AICA Atlanta Chiropractors

One of the most pursued forms of alternative healing is Chiropractic treatment. Among cancer survivors who seek Chiropractic therapy, 84% do so to relieve pain, improve sleeping habits and mood, as well as to provide relief from stress. The goal of Chiropractic treatment is not only to alleviate pain but to improve…

Chiropractic | Nov 21, 2016

6 Healthy Heart Tips from the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta

Heart disease tops the list for the leading cause of death in the United States. Without a doubt, this statistic is alarming, but there are many things you can do improve your heart health and lessen your chances of disease—starting today. Chiropractic Care Supports A Healthy Heart If you are…

Chiropractic | Nov 22, 2016

How Subluxations Form and What Chiropractic Can Do For You

Subluxations are misalignments that develop within one or more of your vertebrae and hinder nerve circulation. In fact, subluxations prevent critical information from transferring to your brain through your spinal cord, which affects your body's ability to function correctly. The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta treat subluxations on a daily basis and…

Chiropractic | Dec 6, 2016

Avoid Getting Sick During The Holidays By Supporting A Healthy Immune System

Winter is right around the corner and with it comes cold and flu season. You may think seeing your Chiropractor doesn’t have much to do with getting a cold or contracting the flu, but this isn’t the case! When the cold weather hits, your Chiropractor is an excellent resource for…

Chiropractic | Dec 12, 2016

Atlanta Chiropractic Care for Inflammation

What we choose to put into our body doesn't just affect how you look on the outside, it also affects the way that you feel and behave. For many patients who first visit our Atlanta Chiropractic office, the connection between poor nutrition and personal health is not clear. Many people…

Chiropractic | Dec 13, 2016

Understanding Chiropractic Techniques: The Sacro Occipital Technique

The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta utilize a variety of techniques that focus on providing immediate pain relief and treating the cause of a particular condition. One particular technique our Chiropractors use from time to time is called the Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT), which is a non-invasive method for repositioning and balancing…

Chiropractic | Dec 14, 2016

Enjoy The Holidays Without Stressing Out

The holidays can create a tremendous amount of stress for many people living throughout the greater Atlanta community. Although we understand how Chiropractic can help reduce stress, the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta wanted to offer other recommendations that'll help you enjoy the holidays more.

Chiropractic, Diabetes, Heart Disease | Dec 15, 2016

Avoid Various Critical Health Issues By Reducing Your Sugar Intake

Medical studies show that women may crave sweets more often than men due to a particular hormone called estradiol. This hormone plays a critical role in supporting women's' ability to reproduce, which may also identify why some women notice sugar cravings during their period or when going through menopause. Other…

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Dec 22, 2016

Best Reasons To See An AICA Atlanta Chiropractor During The Holidays

With Christmas being a few days away, most people are exhausted from the wear and tear of the holiday season. Chiropractic Care During The Holidays Considering the number of stressors that exist in our everyday environment, scheduling an appointment with one of the Chiropractors at AICA is an excellent way…

The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic | Dec 30, 2016

The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Here at AICA Atlanta, massage therapy is one of the more conventional treatment solutions we offer patients who are recovering from injuries and chronic health conditions. Our patients often exclaim how great they feel after one massage session because of the variety of health benefits provided by this particular solution.

Chiropractic | Jan 4, 2017

Common Cervical Conditions Treated By AICA Atlanta’s Chiropractors

Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta use Chiropractic Adjustments to treat a number of conditions that cause neck pain. It does not address every type of condition that affects the neck but is considered to be a primary form of treatment for many patients who experience painful symptoms.  Two common causes of…

Chiropractic | Jan 11, 2017

What to Bring With You to Your First Chiropractic Examination

When you come to AICA Atlanta’s walk-in Chiropractic clinic, it is best to be prepared. We understand that you are in awful pain, but we want your visit to go as smoothly as possible.

Chiropractic | Jan 18, 2017

Ideal Treatment For Car Accident Injuries: Atlanta Chiropractic Care

Being involved in any auto accident can be highly traumatic and stressful. You not only have to deal with your vehicle's damage, but you may also sustain particular injuries that are painful and debilitating. While some types of injuries may seem relatively minor, with just a few scrapes or bruises,…

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Feb 15, 2017

8 Health Conditions Most People Don’t Know Are Treatable with Atlanta Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is most often associated with treating neck and back pain, although it also provides relief for a variety of non-musculoskeletal issues, too. Patients seeking Atlanta Chiropractic treatment to address musculoskeletal conditions notice additional health improvements in some areas, including their respiratory and digestive performance, circulation, and immune response.…

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Feb 20, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Care and Weight Loss: Prevent Chronic Disease Before It Develops

Most patients understand the health benefits associated with Atlanta Chiropractic treatment when it comes to addressing chronic pain, back conditions, and broken bones. What many patients don't realize is how effective Chiropractic care is for those who are interested in losing weight. According to the U.S. Department of Health and…

Accident Recovery, Auto Accident Injuries, Chiropractic | Feb 27, 2017

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Chiropractic Treatment

Visiting one of our Atlanta car accident injury Chiropractors is an excellent way to ensure long-term positive health. If you experience chronic pain and are interested in receiving Chiropractic treatment, there are particular actions you can take to get the most out of your examinations.

Auto Accident Injuries, Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Feb 28, 2017

How Atlanta Chiropractic Care Can Help Treat Car Accident Injuries

Automobile accidents can be extremely stressful depending on the extent of your injuries or the damage your vehicle sustained. While no one ever tries to get into a car accident in Atlanta, it is important for every driver to know what to do in the event of a collision to protect their…

Arthritis, Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Mar 9, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Osteoarthritis

One of the many conditions that our Atlanta Chiropractors treat is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that often develops as a result of the protective cartilage that exists on the tip of your bones begins to wear away due to past injuries or age.

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Mar 10, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Care Helps Seniors Live A Healthy, Active Life

Seniors who experience chronic pain or other debilitating conditions can benefit from regular Atlanta Chiropractic care.

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Mar 30, 2017

Setting Expectations For Your First Chiropractic Examination In Atlanta

As a new patient to AICA Atlanta, you are probably wondering what the experience will be like when receiving your first spinal adjustment. A lot of new patients are initially excited before they come into our clinic since they often associate adjustments with images that are presented through the media; with plenty…

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Mar 31, 2017

How To Identify and Treat Herniated or “Slipped” Discs

A herniated or "slipped" disc doesn’t actually drop, but it does refer to one that moves out of position, tears, bulges or ruptures. Discs serve as uniqe forms of cartilage that exist between the bones in your spinal column; acting as protective pads that help your body absorb the shock of your…

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Apr 6, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Solutions That Help You Recover From The Most Common Injuries

Physical injuries can take place at any moment, whether you are going for a light jog around the neighborhood or lifting heavy objects. Some personal injuries require simple treatment solutions like an ice pack or rest, but others can cause significant damage to your body that develops into chronic pain…

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Apr 7, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment for Bulging Discs

As you get older, you may come to believe that various aches and pains are natural to aging. How do you know if this is true? Your spine is responsible for controlling the central nervous system, which supports all of the sensations and movements you enjoy on a regular basis.…

Chiropractic, Uncategorized | Apr 13, 2017

Treating Asthma In Children Through Chiropractic Care in Atlanta

For children who have asthma, the experience can be devastating depending on the extent of the condition. Asthma is a chronic lung disease that causes children's airways to become inflamed and narrow, making it tough to impossible to exercise due to shortness of breath. Over the last ten years, the…

Accident Recovery, Accidents, Chiropractic, Headaches and Migraines | Jun 15, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Headaches Caused By Car Accidents

Headaches are common reactions to car accidents and are often indicative of other underlying injuries or damage. Depending on the circumstances, you may not experience this particular symptom immediately following your car accident. For some, it can develop within a few hours following a collision, while others don't develop chronic…

Chiropractic, Whiplash Injury | Jul 12, 2017

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment For Whiplash Injuries

If you live in Atlanta and were recently involved in a car accident, the chances of sustaining Whiplash Injury are high. Unlike other accident injuries, Whiplash does not always produce noticeable symptoms for a few days to even a couple of months. This means that you may feel fine following…

Chiropractic, General Chiropractic, Health and Wellness | Jul 24, 2017

Atlanta Walk-In Chiropractic Clinics For Pain Relief

Living a pain-free life starts with your first appointment at AICA Atlanta's walk-in Chiropractic Clinic. Our staff of medical specialists and Chiropractors will review, diagnose and treat your condition - allowing you to experience immediate pain relief. Although we do prioritize patient appointments, our Atlanta Chiropractors welcome same-day examinations and…

Accident Recovery, Car Accidents, Chiropractic | Jul 26, 2017

How Our Atlanta Chiropractors Can Help Car Accident Victims

Car accidents and crashes are a regular event for Atlanta residents driving through the greater region.If you are involved in a car accident, the chances of sustaining some injury are high based on the impact and force of collisions, even minor ones. Most car accident victims require treatment for pain,…

Chiropractic | Nov 6, 2019

Did You Know…

A chiropractor is more than just a back doctor. Chiropractor’s realm of expertise is the spine, however, performing realignments of the spine can heal more than just a bad back or a kink in the neck.

Chiropractic | Dec 2, 2019

Chiropractic Care Is For Everyone

The term "chiropractic" derives from the Greek language and means "done by hand." Chiropractic treatment entails a manual manipulation of the spine, which ultimately restores joint mobility, as well as treatment for other musculoskeletal disorders improving the quality of health.

Long Term Chiropractic Care for Improved Health | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jan 1, 2020

Long Term Chiropractic Care for Improved Health

If you find yourself suffering from chronic or acute pain, finding relief is most likely at the top of your list or at least it should be. Pain relief and improved overall health are some of the greatest benefits under chiropractic care. Make the time to schedule self-care for yourself…

What You Can Expect At AICA Atlanta | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jan 3, 2020

What You Can Expect From AICA Atlanta

If pain is consuming your everyday life, a visit to the Atlanta chiropractic clinic may be your first step to kicking that chronic pain to the wayside. With natural healing techniques, our chiropractors can help you reduce insomnia, alleviate numbness and tingling, and promote overall wellness.

Proactive vs. Reactive Care | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jan 6, 2020

Proactive vs. Reactive Care

Often, we wait until the pain becomes too much before we do something about it. What many may not know is that seeing a chiropractor regularly can help to prevent those chronic aches and pains.

How to Extend The Value Of Your Chiropractic Adjustment | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jan 17, 2020

How to Extend The Value Of Your Chiropractic Adjustment

A visit to the chiropractor can provide you with a great deal of relief from your aches and pains, but how can you extend the effects from your stay for the days and weeks to come?

Don't Let Anxiety Hold You Back; Choose Chiropractic Care | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Health & Wellness | Jan 20, 2020

Don’t Let Anxiety Hold You Back; Choose Chiropractic Care

Anxiety and depression can occur at any age, whether it be a seasonal, frequent, or consistent basis. These symptoms may only occur in certain parts of one’s life, or it may represent a specific condition such as a depressive disorder.

Providing Children with an All-Natural Approach To Healing | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Patients | Jan 22, 2020

Providing Children with an All-Natural Approach To Healing

Chiropractic care has had proven success in treating adults who sustained injuries as a result of accidents, falls, or everyday wear and tear. Patients who seek chiropractic care regularly report overall improved quality of life. This approach can provide relief to not only adults but children as well. Implementing chiropractic…

Reduce Inflammation With Natural Treatment Solutions | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Conditions, Inflammation | Jan 31, 2020

Reduce Inflammation With Natural Treatment Solutions

When inflammation occurs in the body, it is your immune system response to an infection, injury or a form of irritation. This is how the body’s white blood cells protect us from bacteria and viruses. When a cut or scrape presents with swelling, redness, and pain, inflammation is occurring to…

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain - Let Us Help | AICA Atlanta

Back Pain, Chiropractic, General Chiropractic Education, Health & Wellness | Feb 12, 2020

Do You Suffer From Chronic Pain? Let Us Help!

Does a natural, non-invasive holistic approach to your pain sound like something you would like to know more about? Chiropractic care is just that!

How Personal Debt Can Impact Your Overall Health | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, General Chiropractic Education, Health & Wellness | Feb 14, 2020

How Personal Debt Can Impact Your Overall Health

Once you cross the threshold into adulthood, paying bills becomes a staple in your life. If you find that you are struggling with finances, the stress from that can begin to hinder your overall health.

Treat A Variety of Health Issues Holistically With Chiropractic Care | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Conditions, General Chiropractic Education, Headaches and Migraines | Mar 18, 2020

Treat A Variety of Health Issues Holistically With Chiropractic Care

When most think of chiropractors, they associate it with back pain treatment. Although chiropractors are skilled in treating areas of the spine, their craft extends to the entire musculoskeletal system as well as extensive knowledge of the nervous system.

How Long Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident

Car Accidents, Chiropractic | Jul 28, 2020

How Long Should I See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

Your car isn’t the only thing likely to suffer damage as a result of a collision- they can be traumatic for the body as well. Even without serious injures, you may have some soreness or pain that follows due to the way your body is jostled around on impact. While…

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Visiting the Chiropractor

Chiropractic, Chriopractors | Aug 7, 2020

Is It Normal to Feel Worse After Visiting the Chiropractor?

Most of the time people seek out chiropractic care when they are hoping to relieve some type of pain and discomfort. When you receive chiropractic care for the first time you might want to expect a bit of discomfort after the first few sessions as your body adjusts to the…

What to Expect When Going to the Chiropractor for the First Time

Chiropractic, Chriopractors | Sep 1, 2020

What to Expect When Going to the Chiropractor for the First Time

When you have been injured in a car accident, you may have met with medics at the scene, followed up with a doctor afterward, or were even treated in the emergency room. However, you might be wondering what other options are out there for treating your accident injury and wondered…

What Is the Difference Between Chiropractic and Physical Therapy

Chiropractic, Physical Therapy Doctors | Sep 15, 2020

What Is the Difference Between Chiropractic and Physical Therapy?

After a car accident, the last thing you want to do is worry about which doctor is going to take the best care of you. Whether you are looking for a car accident chiropractor or wondering whether a physical therapist is recommended, your doctor may recommend a variety of combinations…

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Anxiety and Depression

Chiropractic | Oct 16, 2020

Can Chiropractic Care Help with Anxiety and Depression?

When it comes to mental health, more people than you know may be struggling. Over 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety and depression, and many more may not be diagnosed. When seeking ways to cope, what many people don’t realize is the strength of the mind…

Is It Normal to Feel Leg Pain After a Chiropractic Adjustment

Chiropractic | Jan 13, 2021

Is It Normal to Feel Leg Pain After a Chiropractic Adjustment?

When you visit your Atlanta chiropractor for an adjustment for the first time, it helps to talk with them about what to expect afterward. While many people who get chiropractic treatment report no pain or discomfort afterward, some people do and there are many reasons why that might be. Especially…

How Long Does It Take Before Chiropractic Treatment Starts Working

Chiropractic | Feb 15, 2021

How Long Does It Take Before Chiropractic Treatment Starts Working?

With a lot of medical care today, we expect instant results relief from pain. Especially when suffering from something like back or neck pain, we often want to see results as soon as possible so we can resume normal activities. This can make some people skeptical of visiting the chiropractic…

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain Chiropractic Can Help!

Back Pain, Chiropractic | Mar 1, 2021

Working from Home and Experiencing Back Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!

For many people, working from home is now their normal way of doing business. While there are a lot of perks to this new landscape of remote work, you may also be noticing some impacts on your body now that you are working out of a home office every day.…


Car Accidents, Chiropractic | Aug 17, 2021

How Long Does It Take to Recover from a Car Accident Under Chiropractic Care?

If you were recently in a car accident, you may have received some medical attention at the scene. In many cases, whether you see paramedics or even go to urgent care, you will be told to follow up with a doctor within a few days. But how do you know…


Chiropractic, Neurology | Oct 7, 2021

What Is a Chiropractic Neurologist?

As a part of their extensive training, chiropractors are able to choose areas of specialty such as orthopedics, radiology, or internal medicine. One area they can choose is neurology, which requires an additional 3-year course of study in neurology on top of their regular chiropractic training. The rigor of this…

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