Ways to Prevent Back Pain in Atlanta

Jul 17, 2015

It should go without saying that a healthy back is one that is taken care of.

How to do that can slip for anyone from time to time; moving a cumbersome or oblong box, moving too fast, or not moving enough.

The back is a delicate instrument that is both simply made and most complicated.

At its center runs the nerve functions of our entire body.

Beyond that runs the spinal fluid and a protective sheath that’s outlined by the vertebrae like floors in a high-tech high-rise. If you are interested in taking a proactive approach to your personal health, learn how our Atlanta Chiropractors treat back pain

Chiropractic Tips for Preventing Back Pain

Each is fitted with a horizontal joint above and below, and with four interconnected facet joints at the back, giving it the inherent stability.

The vertebrae are all designed with ridges and plates jutting out that support the soft tissues – ligaments and muscles, which allow the spine to stay firmly emplaced and mobile.

And the vertebrae are not all the same.

They’re wider at the bottom, smaller at the top, and each in their way allows the passage of blood and nerve roots, attaching all of its bones together while allowing bendable movement across the whole skeletal system.

It’s a wonder that more doesn’t go wrong. In fact – very little ever goes wrong.

It’s just that when it does – the pain can be severe or debilitating. To keep this system working, it helps to learn a bit about what it is and how it operates.

Learn how to lift properly – with your legs, while breathing, instead of by activating your back muscles and placing the strain on the vertebrae and their discs.


To make sure you’re in the best shape to do whatever you’d like to do, it’s best to exercise your back and joints.

The discs for one are especially keen on movement because they’re one of the very few parts of your body that have no access to the circulation. They’re inherently moist and can be healed in part by movement, which flushes moisture through them.

Your back muscles when well trained will do a better job of supporting the skyscraper in your back, lead to less pulled muscles, disc, and misalignment.

Get Chiropractic Care from AICA Atlanta

If you are having a problem with your back, usually the best place to take it is a good Chiropractor.

Check the professional references, patients and see to it that your Chiropractic doctor has easy access to an MRI, so just in case you need more investigation into the source of your injury, the option is there.

Like monthly monitoring that you pay for your security system, going to a Chiropractor is something that many find to be an enriching and health-sustaining part of their lives.