Avoiding Car Wrecks During Your Summer Vacations Around Atlanta

Jul 27, 2015

Wouldn’t we all love to avoid car wrecks this summer around Atlanta? You already know how to drive… or do you?

One of the biggest ways to avoid auto accidents injuries in Atlanta is by becoming a defensive driver.

Atlanta has one of the higher accident rates in the United States – there are wrecks just about every day, and for those who live here, it’s a sight we’re accustomed to.

Because of a lax in inspection laws, there are always cars broken down on the side of the road.

These vehicles are accidents waiting to happen and it’s important to remain mindful of their presence.

Chiropractic Treatment for Atlanta Auto Accident Injuries

Greater Atlanta is a big place, equaling hundreds of square miles – to be exact…according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the area of Greater Atlanta is a humongous 8,376 square miles, which is the size of the state of Massachusetts.

Many people in major cities aren’t used to the distances Atlanta drivers usually take for granted, as trips of daily living take an average of 15-30 minutes one way.

Another issue is that Atlanta is formed of concentric circles with little public transportation – you’ll be most likely to get where you’re going if you pack a car.

That makes driving in Atlanta more like driving in Los Angeles, but with drivers who are seemingly less comfortable behind the wheel.

Defensive Driving

This is where defensive driving comes in.

Look where you’re going – way ahead

When you’re doing this, you’ll see not just that the car ahead of you is breaking, but that brake lights are flashing two or three or more cars ahead – then you can start slowing down before you need to, which helps you avoid an accident.

There’s a lot of stops and go traffic in Atlanta, with long lines of traffic that assault you out of nowhere.

If you’re looking away, you can easily plow into a line of cars – even on the way.

Look behind you to keep a safe rear following distance

So if you have to stop suddenly, the car behind you will be farther than closer, and you won’t risk a rear-end collision.

Keep an escape path

You might well need it. Increasingly, drivers are getting into highway collisions.

If don’t have a way out when they cars in front of you stop, you’ll join their pile-up. able to zip out in the event that the drivers around you are dropping like flies.

Remember, Atlanta is big – not the biggest – but big enough to get wrecked and stranded. Your best bet is to bone up on the precautions of safe driving when everyone is out on the road.


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