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Category Archives: Inflammation

Inflammation | Jul 25, 2016

Reduce Inflammation For Optimal Health

Inflammation is defined throughout the Atlanta Chiropractic community as a localized reaction to infection, irritation, or injury that leads to: Warmth Swelling Redness Pain Inflammation can be internal or external and is recognized as the body’s way of preventing sudden injury or infections from worsening.

Conditions, Inflammation | Sep 4, 2017

How Chiropractic Can Help Relieve Pain For Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Arthritis refers to inflammation of one or several joints within the body. Most patients with arthritis experience chronic pain and stiffness that worsens over time. Although our Atlanta Chiropractors treat hundreds of types of arthritis, the most common is rheumatoid arthritis. This particular kind of arthritis is progressive and does…

Improving Digestive Health With Chiropractic Treatment | AICA Atlanta

Health & Wellness, Inflammation | Jan 10, 2020

Improving Digestive Health With Chiropractic Treatment

Many think of chiropractic care as the place you go to when you have low back pain and need a quick correction. However, chiropractic care exceeds far beyond the back and can help to manage conditions such as digestive issues. If you suffer from frequent stomach, reflux, constipation, or other…

Reduce Inflammation With Natural Treatment Solutions | AICA Atlanta

Chiropractic, Conditions, Inflammation | Jan 31, 2020

Reduce Inflammation With Natural Treatment Solutions

When inflammation occurs in the body, it is your immune system response to an infection, injury or a form of irritation. This is how the body’s white blood cells protect us from bacteria and viruses. When a cut or scrape presents with swelling, redness, and pain, inflammation is occurring to…

Choose Chiropractic Care For Managing Joint Pain | AICA Atlanta

Arthritis, Inflammation, Joint Pain | Feb 19, 2020

Choose Chiropractic Care For Managing Joint Pain

Our bodies perform plenty of functions throughout the day that is seemingly simple for many; however, those who suffer from joint pain may feel otherwise. The body is composed of several different joints, such as the ball and socket, gliding joint, and hinge and saddle joints. As these joints require…

Treating Tendon Pain | AICA Atlanta

Ankle Pain, Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain | Mar 11, 2020

Treating Tendon Pain

The tendons in the body are composed of connective tissues and fibers that connect the muscles and bones. They are designed to withstand forceful impacts; however, everything has its breaking point, and tendons are no different.

Optimizing Intestinal Health With Chiropractic Care | AICA Atlanta

Health & Wellness, Heart Disease, Inflammation | Mar 16, 2020

Optimizing Intestinal Health With Chiropractic Care

When the large intestine is not working at its highest capacity, other problems such as low back pain, iliotibial band, and thumb pain can occur. Pain, weakness, and spasms can present in the lower back as well as the outer area of the leg and the flank muscles.

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