Most Common Hand Injuries in Atlanta

Jul 30, 2015

There are facts that everyone should know what can happen in the paradoxical space of our hands.

With a latticework of 27 bones in each hand supporting vines of muscles, ligaments, tendons, arteries, veins, and nerves, it’s a wonder that more doesn’t go wrong in there.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment for Hand Injuries

Whether you’re concerned about chronic or acute hand pain, or are thinking about hand injury treatment in Atlanta, here’s a little guide to a hand injury.

Jammed Finger

If you’ve ever hit your fingertip while your finger was straight, you probably experienced pain and a swollen joint that was hard to move. The fix for this is ice and inaction for as long as it takes for the pain to subside while active.

Fractured Finger

You’ll wish for a jam if you break your finger, which happens when the force overpowers the density of your bone.

The place that is fractured will feel painful and you might notice it doesn’t look as it did before. You’ll need ice and a trip to the doctor for an X-ray to let the physician determine if repositioning the bone is necessary, and for a splint.

Mallet Finger

When the end of your finger is hit the tendon can break, which causes you to lose the ability to hold your finger straight.

You’ll feel pain behind the nail and require a doctor’s splint keeping your finger continuously straight for about eight weeks.

Crushed Nail

These can look ugly. When your nail is crushed you can develop a blood blister with the power to rip out your nail as it expands.

At best you’ll see dark blood under the nail, which may require removal through a hole in the nail, or the peeling off of the nail itself if the nail bed has been damaged.

Out of Joint Finger

This happens when your ligaments can’t hold onto your finger bone, and the joint becomes dislocated.

It usually occurs in the middle joint of the finger and requires anything from local anesthetic to surgery in order to relocate the bone.

Jersey Finger

If you grip something and it’s torn away, you might experience a tear in your tendon.

Usually, this happens to the ring finger, and the sign that it has occurred is being unable to move the fingertip joint. To keep the condition on the safe side, it needs to be evaluated within two days of happening, and surgery within 10 days.

Broken Wrist

This happens all the time when people are involved in some type of slip and fall accident and try to catch themselves, saving their face and folding their wrists farther and faster than they’re meant to go.

You’ll experience pain in your wrist when it moves, as well as in the bottom of the thumb.

Wrist Ligament Torn

If you’re hit in the wrong place and the wrong time in your wrist, or if you twist it too far, you’ll tear the ligament inside.

Skier’s Thumb

When you tear the ligament in your thumb, you’ll feel pain and lose control of it when you try to grab anything.

For more information or to get an evaluation, get in touch with your local doctor or an orthopedic physician.


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