Chiropractic Care and Pregnancy: Is it Really Safe?

Apr 14, 2014

Pregnancy takes a major toll on the body, and as the weeks go on, some women search for ways to relieve their back and joint pain.

While many women turn to Chiropractic care as a solution, others are hesitant because they are unsure if an adjustment is safe for them and their baby.

Fortunately, some simple education about Chiropractic care can put the minds of expectant mothers at ease.

The Safety of Chiropractic While Pregnant

All chiropractors are specially trained to work with pregnant women, and there are no known problems with choosing chiropractic care during pregnancy.

While pregnancy wellness is a part of routine care for most chiropractors, others seek additional training to specialize in this area.

In fact, some chiropractors will have special designations indicating that they have an advanced education in pregnancy and infertility wellness:

  • Webster Certified

A chiropractor with specialized training in pregnancy care may use a special table that can comfortably adjust to the body of an expectant mother. Techniques will also be used that avoid putting unnecessary pressure on the stomach.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care While Pregnant

Now that your safety concerns have been addressed, you may be wondering how a chiropractic adjustment while pregnant may be of benefit to you.There are numerous benefits associated with this type of treatment during pregnancy:

There are numerous benefits associated with this type of treatment during pregnancy:

  • Relieves pain of the joints, neck, and back
  • Controls symptoms associated with nausea and morning sickness
  • Improves overall wellness for a healthier pregnancy
  • Reduces the amount of time spent in labor and delivery
  • Can help to prevent the need for a cesarean delivery

In some cases, Chiropractors can also be used to help turn breeched babies back into the birthing position.

According to the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, chiropractors using the Webster Technique had an 82% success rate at turning babies to the head-down position.