Don’t Call In Sick To Your Chiropractic Appointment In Atlanta

Apr 19, 2016

Just like you would keep an appointment with your general practitioner when you are sick, you should keep your chiropractic appointment in Atlanta.

You may be tempted to call and cancel, but it’s far better that you come in to see the doctor and receive your treatment.

The Nervous System is Linked to the Immune System

If you’re receiving chiropractic care, you likely know a little about the nervous system. This critical system, containing the spinal cord and brain stem, regulates and controls all body functions. Research also tells us that it is connected to the immune system.

“There is significant research on the connection between the nervous system and the immune system, specifically through the adrenal glands and the hormones and chemicals that relay messages from the nervous system to the cells of the immune system,” explains Dr. Phillip Shaw, D.C., Chiropractic Director of Chiro One Wellness Center of Wheeling.

Dr. Phillip always advises his patients to continue to come in when they’re not feeling well. “A healthy spine is integral to a fully functioning nervous system,” says Dr. Phillip. “The nervous system controls the regulation of the immune system. Thus, a healthy spine = a healthy nervous system = a healthy immune system.”

Your Symptoms Serve an Important Purpose

It’s important to understand that the typical signs of illness— a cough, runny nose, swollen or glassy eyes, mild fever, weakness and lethargy, loss of appetite —indicate that your immune system is working properly.

These symptoms aren’t random; each serves a purpose:

  • A runny nose helps excrete the organisms or virus.
  • Glassy or watery eyes lower the temperature in the cornea so that its heat-sensitive proteins are not damaged by the fever.
  • A mild fever stimulates the immune system and creates an environment that kills the invading foreign bodies.
  • A decrease or loss of appetite is due to the body redirecting energy from the digestive system to the immune system.

Your body has controls in place to fight illness and often the symptoms you exhibit indicate that your body is responding appropriately to the situation.

Worried About Being Contagious?

If you’re exhibiting flu-like symptoms or are in the early stages of illness, call your chiropractor to let him or her know.

Ask if you can be seen at the beginning or end of adjusting hours, or when there are fewer patients in the office. The office staff will be extra careful to ensure that you can receive care while curbing the spread of germs.