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Providing Children with an All-Natural Approach To Healing
Jan 22, 2020

Providing Children with an All-Natural Approach To Healing | AICA AtlantaChiropractic care has had proven success in treating adults who sustained injuries as a result of accidents, falls, or everyday wear and tear. Patients who seek chiropractic care regularly report overall improved quality of life.

This approach can provide relief to not only adults but children as well. Implementing chiropractic care into children’s lives can create a solid foundation for wellness and improved health into adulthood. Not all children may need this type of care; however, for those who engage in sports, or suffer from alignment issues, they may find great relief from this all-natural approach.

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Pediatric chiropractic care is simply the practice of treating children with chiropractic services. According to a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 3 percent of children in the U.S. have been treated with chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation. These treatments can be for complaints in babies like colic or injuries from sports played as kids like soccer or tennis.

Although the spinal alignment process is similar in both pediatric and adult care, our Atlanta chiropractors use less pressure and force when working with young children. Adults have larger frames than children, which causes us to change some of the ways we use spinal manipulation treatment. Our chiropractic team staffs a variety of medical professionals skilled in different disciplines to fit the needs of all of our patients.

Are Spinal Adjustments Safe for Children?

Safety for children is always a high priority, and our chiropractors exhibit that same concern for their pediatric patients. Do these natural healing practices work? Are they effective? Our studies and patients can confirm that yes, these methods are not only safe but effective. For those young children struggling with alignment issues or back conditions like scoliosis, allowing them access to a solid foundation like chiropractic is a great stepping block.

Not all chiropractic clinics are trained to treat children, so it is imperative to do your research before having your child receive treatment. A chiropractor who is not skilled in treating children can be unfamiliar with their bone structures and can, therefore, cause harm. At our Atlanta chiropractic clinic, our skilled professionals are trained and ready to treat your child.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Pediatric Patients

Our chiropractors treat children of all ages, with a variety of conditions. The benefits of chiropractic care treatment for children include:

  • Providing an alternative treatment to medications: Chiropractic care offers a safe, effective alternative to medication for treating things like ear infections in children.
  • Improving sleep: Better alignment can improve a child’s overall health and contribute to better comfort and sleep during the night or naps.
  • Promoting proper growth and development: Proper alignment allows children to grow properly, preventing painful problems and misalignments as their bodies take shape.

If your child is in need of a spinal alignment or would like to learn more about how chiropractic treatments can provide your child with relief, contact our chiropractors for an appointment today by dialing (404) 889-8828.