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How Does Chiropractic Care Boost the Immune System?

Nov 5, 2021

How Does Chiropractic Care Boost the Immune SystemWhen most people think of the chiropractor, they imagine visiting for something like lower back pain or a stiff neck. It’s true that this is what brings most people into a chiropractor’s office, but they often discover the benefits of this care go well beyond relieving musculoskeletal pain. By restoring spinal health and joint function, the nervous system, as a whole, benefits, boosting the immune system. If you’re in search of the best chiropractor for you, be sure to look for one who focuses on full-body wellness and overall health.

Your Spine and Nervous System Are Connected

Your nervous system is in communication with the rest of your body via the spinal cord. So when the spine is damaged or misaligned, the necessary paths of communication to your nerves are interrupted. Ultimately, this can not only cause pain but increase your chances of future injury or illness. If your immune system suffers as a result of compressed nerve pathways, it weakens your body’s natural mechanisms for fighting illnesses. As a result, chiropractic care has been shown to relieve pain, stress, and misalignment of the spine, improving nerve function and boosting your immune system.

One major influence on your immune system is stress, and a lot of back pain can actually be a psychosomatic response to the stress that they carry in their shoulders, neck, and backs. This can compound with regular back pain, leading to a feedback loop that leaves you both physically and emotionally vulnerable to more problems.

While active diseases and infections can’t be cured by chiropractic care, it can strengthen the body’s ability to heal and recover from injury and illness that may occur.

The Flu Epidemic of 1918

One of the best examples of how chiropractic care can help with immunity comes from the flu epidemic that occurred in the early 1900s. One city in Iowa had 50 medical doctors and 150 chiropractors treat cases of this flu, with chiropractors showing a much lower rate of death. Those who had chiropractic care had a loss of one patient out of every 789, while those treated by a doctor died at a rate of one out of every fifteen. Similar results were found across the country.

This is just one instance of illness that has been treated by chiropractic care. While illness will still happen, treatment by a chiropractor can lessen the effects of certain illnesses or help prevent future cases.

Boosting the Immune System Naturally

Because chiropractic care focuses on overall wellness, it is often performed along with other natural methods for boosting the immune system. Along with regular adjustments, your chiropractor may recommend minimizing stress, getting enough sleep, and maintaining an appropriate level of physical activity. Yoga, meditation, or even reading can all boost health in this way. It’s also important to stay hydrated.

One of the major benefits of chiropractic care is that it is safe and non-invasive compared to other treatments for similar conditions. This means that it can be safely used alongside any other treatments as an additional way to boost the immune system.

When to See a Chiropractor

You do not need to wait until you’re sick or in pain to visit a chiropractor- in fact, many people visit on a regular basis simply for the immune system boost and other general health benefits that they experience.

However, if you are experiencing any health problems, this is a great time to visit a chiropractor as they address the root cause of the issue. Rather than just covering your symptoms through medication and short-term treatments, chiropractors focus on the underlying cause of your symptoms and works from there. This includes not only physical problems like back pain, but also emotional problems and anything related to the nervous system. People see chiropractors for everything from insomnia to digestive issues.

It’s important to find a chiropractor that you trust with your health as a whole. Establishing this relationship allows you to regularly seek natural care as a first line of defense. At AICA Atlanta, our chiropractors are skilled in treating a range of problems and have access to other specialists for support when needed.

If you are experiencing any pain or stiffness, emotional distress, or simply want to undergo preventative maintenance care, AICA Atlanta has a chiropractor who can help you meet your goals. If needed, we can refer you to our in-house specialists in other areas as well. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation and experience the benefits for yourself!