8 Health Conditions Most People Don’t Know Are Treatable with Atlanta Chiropractic Care

Feb 15, 2017

Chiropractic care is most often associated with treating neck and back pain, although it also provides relief for a variety of non-musculoskeletal issues, too.

Patients seeking Atlanta Chiropractic treatment to address musculoskeletal conditions notice additional health improvements in some areas, including their respiratory and digestive performance, circulation, and immune response.

If you experience or manage any of the following health conditions and have tried traditional medicine without permanent success, schedule a consultation with AICA Atlanta to learn how we can help.

Health Conditions Treated By Atlanta Chiropractic Care

Here are a number of alternative health conditions that are treatable with Chiropractic care:


Conservative medicine often addresses ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) using some psychotropic medication. Although this may work for temporarily subduing a patient, psychotropic medications often trigger some unpleasant, unhealthy side effects.

In one particular study of pre-teen children who are diagnosed with ADHD, medical examiners utilized alternative treatments that include Chiropractic care, nutritional supplements, and dietary care.

The examiners found that the children experienced significant improvement in hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness, as well as improvements in cognitive, emotional, and social settings.

Bell’s Palsy

Atlanta Chiropractors can provide relief for patients who suffer from Bell’s palsy and sustain facial paralysis, experience hearing disorders, and other health conditions that affect how their facial muscles function.

Some Atlanta Chiropractic clinics like AICA are designed to address nerve-related conditions, relieve pain, and help patients return to their regular routine.

Chronic Sinusitis

Patients whose suffer from sinus and nasal passages that do not drain correctly may develop chronic sinusitis over time.

One particular 2016 study found that Chiropractic treatment offers patients immediate relief from all symptoms after just one Chiropractic Adjustment.

Chronic Headaches

Headaches and migraines, particularly those that are caused by misalignments within the neck, react well to spinal adjustments that are complemented with particular neck exercises.

Hearing Loss, Tinnitus, and Vertigo

Inner ear conditions such as hearing loss, tinnitus, and vertigo are successfully treated with Chiropractic care in Atlanta.

High Blood Pressure

Medical examiners looking to substitute drug-based treatments for hypertension (high blood pressure) consider holistic care, including Chiropractic, as a suitable alternative for particular patients.

Although Chiropractic Adjustments are proven to be an effective form of medical treatment for hypertension in some cases, it is not true for everyone who struggles with high blood pressure.

To understand whether Chiropractic care will work for you, it is important to consult with your primary physician, as well as your Atlanta Chiropractor.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Chiropractic treatment and spinal manipulation are used to address a variety of bowel conditions, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or colitis.

Premenstrual Symptoms and Pregnancy

Atlanta Chiropractic care is effective for reducing painful symptoms connected to women’s menstrual cycle.

Regular adjustments contribute to reducing back pain associated with pregnancy, while also creating an environment that’s conducive for a smooth delivery.

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