Ways to Deal With Holiday Stress

Dec 18, 2014

You don’t have to let stress take hold of you and your holiday. Follow these six ways to deal with holiday stress and enjoy the season ahead of you.

1) Stretch

Holiday shopping, while enjoyable, can take a lot out of you. Make sure you stretch when you start your shopping trip to loosen up muscles and prepare them for the hours of standing and walking. This will also allow you to release any tension that may have built up in your muscles and help your stamina for the day.

2) Hydrate

Staying hydrated is important, but even more so when you browse the shops all day. As much as we want to rely on soda, coffee and tea for our hydration, these drinks actually can dehydrate you. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day, increasing this amount as needed when shopping or performing other strenuous activity.

3) Be Comfortable

When traveling or shopping, it’s best to wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Wearing supportive shoes will help your feet handle the large amount of walking when shopping. After all, nothing ruins a holiday evening like coming home with blisters from being on your feet all day.

Also, since you will likely go in and out of the cold weather when moving from store to store, it’s good to wear layers so you can have the appropriate attire in case you get too hot or too cold. When you get inside, you can wrap these extra pieces of clothing around your waist to stay out of your way.

4) Take Breaks

Breaks during shopping and traveling allow time for you to refresh your mind and body during the craziness of this merry season. You will be drained of all of your energy if you try to maintain a constant pace. Schedule a break after every 45 minutes of shopping and you will be able to rebuild your stamina for the day.

When traveling for long trips, take small breaks to stretch your legs and move around as the hours of sitting will put pressure on your back, legs and other areas. Taking a small walk will rejuvenate your muscles and get you ready to face the journey ahead.

5) Travel Light

Avoid the big tote when preparing for your shopping spree. Larger bags can add a lot of physical strain to your shoulders and back as they can get fairly heavy. Opting for smaller bags forces you to only bring the necessities of your trip and lessens the weight your body has to carry.

6) Don’t Ignore Pain

After walking, standing and sitting all day, you may find some aches and pains surface. Don’t wait to take care of this pain as it will likely continue and worsen the longer you shop. For short term relief, ice the sore area for 20 minutes. Visit your local chiropractor for an adjustment to solve the problem at its source.

Have a Stress- Holiday

Spending your time with the people who matter and making memories with those you love should be the focus of this holiday, not worrying about the hectic pressure of travel or shopping. Rather than having a season filled with visions of aches, pains and unnecessary stress, take care of your body so that it can return the favor.


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