Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment for Bulging Discs

Apr 7, 2017

As you get older, you may come to believe that various aches and pains are natural to aging.

How do you know if this is true?

Your spine is responsible for controlling the central nervous system, which supports all of the sensations and movements you enjoy on a regular basis.

When your spine becomes misaligned or injured as a result of age or an accident, you may experience a bulging disc.

Spinal Conditions and Bulging Discs

Many different kinds of spinal conditions can lead to pain that’s often associated with aging.

One of the most common conditions are bulging discs.

Instead of allowing yourself to cope with the pain associated with bulging discs, consider visiting one of our experienced Atlanta Chiropractors for immediate treatment and pain relief.

Common Symptoms Connected to Bulging Discs

Depending on your physical condition, you may not initially realize that you have a bulging disc.

The reason for this is that our bodies naturally adapt to ongoing changes, although the kind of stress that builds up as a result of a bulging disc will eventually overcome your ability to fend off any symptoms.

When this happens, most patients experience a significant amount of sudden pain.

Some of the more common symptoms associated with bulging discs include discomfort, tingling, and numbness.

Although the location of each patient’s symptoms depends on the source of their bulging disc, most people suffer from lower back pain.

Others experience particular symptoms in their neck, upper back area, their buttocks, legs, and feet.

Atlanta Chiropractic Treatment for Bulging Discs

Some physicians will tell their patients suffering from bulging discs to rest, apply heat, and take over-the-counter medication for relief of these symptoms.

However, these approaches only mask the pain; they do not serve as permanent solutions. In particular cases, a doctor may recommend surgical solutions to treat the condition.

It’s important to understand that the risks associated with surgery can outweigh the benefits when it comes to addressing bulging discs.

In fact, Chiropractic treatment serves as a natural solution for bulging discs and prevents you from having to rely on prescription medication or invasive surgery.

Chiropractic adjustments relieve pressure on the nerves by restoring proper motion and position of the spinal bones. This correction will eliminate symptoms.

The kinds of Chiropractic treatment our clinic offers can help restore damaged tissue to its normal size and shape.

Through spinal adjustments and deep tissue massage, you can experience immediate pain relief, while also protecting yourself from future damage or relapses.

Learn More About Treating Bulging Discs By Visiting AICA Atlanta’s Chiropractors For A Consultation

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