Chiropractic Appointment Don’ts For Residents In Atlanta, GA

Feb 12, 2015

If you’re wondering what to expect at a Chiropractor in Atlanta, the good news is that you’ve found the right city.

Next door in Marietta is Life University, the home of one of the nation’s leading schools for training doctors of Chiropractic, which makes Atlanta the happy beneficiary of tremendous Chiropractic talent aligned with the Vitalist school of thought.

“Life University’s]educational and clinical philosophy is based on Vitalism—the understanding and principle that all living systems are self-organizing, self-developing, self-maintaining and self-healing.”

Scheduling A Chiropractic Appointment in Atlanta

Now, since your body will be doing so much work itself when you visit the Chiropractor, it’s good to know what missteps to avoid when you’re considering an appointment.

1. Don’t put off going; if you don’t feel pain – that doesn’t mean you’re not injured.

That’s because pain is one of the last sensations you’ll experience when you’ve been through an injury to your back. Most injuries don’t happen all at once. They’re progressive, building up over time by force of physical habit. As the damage accrues, you may feel
effects in energy, strain or movement that will eventually result in pain.

Among the tenets of many Chiropractors is that there are minuscule injuries, imperceptible from the outside, which eventually results in pain.

2. Trust only the best, so don’t throw your spine and resources at just any Chiropractor who you find online.

While there are a lot of great doctors of Chiropractic, make sure that you’ve found one who is certified from an accredited four-year institution, and who has passed all four parts of the Chiropractic board exam.

Ideally, it’s best to find a doctor of Chiropractic who has practiced for some years before your visit.

3. Life’s mysteries are complex, and so are the mysteries of your spine.

We understand little about the body.

Nerves travel from the brain to the spinal cord and snake through the vertebrae out to our organs and limbs.

They’re affected by the minor movement of spinal joints, and can be helped with adjusting those joints to make sure they’re not squeezed or pinned, which diminishes their effectiveness and can bring on pain.

A Chiropractor can relieve this pressure and solve a variety of complicated ailments that would require invasive techniques in traditional medicine.

4. Poor health can often be solved by your Chiropractor, so don’t put off finding the doctor who can handle your specific issues.

Whether you live in Atlanta and are suffering from chronic back pain, obesity or something else, you’ve got a lot to gain from your local Chiropractor. Many have specialties in holistic and nutritional sciences.

Look for a practice that is tailored to the health goals you’d like to achieve. Even if you feel they’re far off – your Chiropractor is uniquely positioned to help you reach them.

5. Training outside of the Chiropractic office is going to improve your health, so don’t think a single visit to your local doctor of Chiropractic means you’re and clear.

Part of the fallout from our popular medicinal model of health conditions us to believe the only time we need the doctor is when we’re sick and the only way to heal ourselves is a physician.

Chiropractors help squash that idea.

A good one will tell you that before you’re sick is the best time to come in, and after you’ve left is the best time to maintain your renewed alignment and nerve activity with regular exercise and proper nutrition.