New Chrysler Recall Urges Owners to Stop Driving

Apr 29, 2013

The Chrysler Group recently announced that it will be recalling nearly 4,500 2013 Dodge Challengers due to a potential fire hazard. This problem could result in the overheating of a wire harness or a possible short circuit that could result in a fire. While Chrysler has indicated that seven known incidents have occurred, they have also stated that no injuries have resulted.

This particular recall will only affect Dodge Challengers from model year 2013 that have a V-6 engine and were constructed during a two month period that ended on January 24, 2013. Approximately 2,500 of the affected vehicles have been sold, while the rest are still sitting in dealerships.

Chrysler has indicated that this is an extremely serious problem and that appropriate action from customers needs to be taken immediately to minimize the risk. They are urging affected Challenger owners not to drive their vehicles and to make contact with their dealer right away. Owners are also being encouraged not to park their cars in, near, or around any type of structure in order to avoid starting fires. The Chrysler Group is urging any customers who are not sure if they are affected to still take these precautions until they are able to contact their dealers.

To correct this problem, all affected Dodge Challenger owners will be contacted by mail and by phone. Repairs will be completed on the vehicles to eliminate the fire hazard. Additionally, while repairs are being completed, the company will provide loaner cars to vehicle owners to reduce their level of inconvenience.

If you experience an accident injury related to this Dodge Challenger motor vehicle recall or another recall, it is important to seek medical treatment immediately. An Atlanta back injury doctor or other medical professional can complete an assessment to determine what type of treatment is appropriate for your injury.


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