Five Guidelines for Reducing Workplace Trips, Slips and Falls In Atlanta

Apr 22, 2013

According to information released by the U.S. Department of Labor, falls, trips, and slips make up most of the accidents in general industry.

This accounts for about 25% of all work injury claims reported each fiscal year and 15% of all deaths ruled as accidental each year.

In order to prevent your employees from visiting a Chiropractor in Atlanta to treat a work accident injury, try following a few practical guidelines to prevent or reduce workplace falls, trips, and slips.

1. Practice Good Housekeeping

Good housekeeping and safety need each other, and if your organization has poor housekeeping habits you will increase your likelihood of having employee injuries. Develop an ongoing procedure for proper housekeeping that can be implemented into each of your employee’s daily performance. Assign responsibilities to specific workers for what he or she will clean up each day.

2. Reduce Walkway Obstacles

Injuries often occur from tripping on clutter, equipment, or obstacles in walkways. Keep these areas of traffic and hazards. Avoid stringing cables or cords across any walkway or designated aisle, and encourage employees to close cabinet drawers and to pick up loose items.

3. Wear the Right Shoes

Your footwear can help to prevent slip and fall injuries, so it is important to find shoes with the proper tread on the soles. Ensure that shoelaces are always tied properly and tightly.

4. Maintain the Right Lighting

Poor lighting can increase your chance of suffering from a trip, slip and fall. Ensure that proper illumination is used in staircases, walkways, basements, and other areas. Keep walkways that are poorly lit of obstructions or possible trip hazards.

5. Reduce Slippery or Wet Surfaces

A significant portion of work related injuries that Atlanta chiropractors report each year are due to problems with slippery walking surfaces. To prevent these types of slip and fall injuries, indoor control measures should be used, including displaying “Wet Floor” signs and using moisture-absorbent mats. All spills should also be cleaned up immediately.


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