How Improving Your Range of Motion Can Boost Personal Health

Feb 17, 2020

How Improving Your Range of Motion Can Boost Personal Health | AICA AtlantaThe range of motion is a critical aspect for the body to perform several tasks. When the range of motion is limited, simple functions like bending can prove to be complicated. The ease of flexibility can diminish over time due to poor lifestyle choices, injuries, and the inevitable aging process.

As flexibility and range of motion become more complicated, our experienced Atlanta chiropractors provide high-quality care to help you regain your independence.

How Range Of Motion Affects Your Everyday

Seemingly simple tasks such as brushing your hair or even your teeth may seem like a natural function. Still, for those who suffer from degenerative conditions, the joints utilized may feel as if they are working overtime. Pain can riddle the elbows, wrist, spine, knees, and neck, causing a decrease in range of motion, making these once simple tasks nearly impossible.

Spine Health

When the spine begins to feel the adverse effects of degenerative conditions or injuries, a range of motion in other areas of your body can also start to feel the impact. Conditions such as carpal tunnel, headaches, as well as infant colic can all be a result of troubles stemming from the spine.

If the spine is experiencing a decreased range of motion, over time, discomfort and pain will increase. When the spine is in proper alignment, range of motion will increase, and the functionality of your spine will significantly improve. Even a slight misalignment can wreak havoc on the body, so seeking chiropractic care can undoubtedly improve your quality of life.

Our Approach

If the spine is misaligned, the decrease in range of motion will eventually cause turmoil to the rest of your body in several different ways. Seeking care from our experienced team of chiropractors will not only improve the functionality of your spine but can improve blood flow, as well as correct nerve impingement.

Our treatment plans vary based on the needs of each patient; however, our most common form of treatment includes spinal adjustments, as well as manipulations to the spine and other parts of the body. We strive to educate our patients on preventative measures and ways to decrease pain between visits by teaching our patients effective stretching techniques and methods to improve muscle strength.

Within a few visits and work at home, you can find that your range of motion is greatly improved, and daily functions you once found challenging may come easy once again.

At our Atlanta chiropractic clinic, our skilled and compassionate team will work with you to get you feeling your best. Please contact us today to learn how we can help optimize your health and provide you with the relief you deserve. Dial (404) 889-8828 today to schedule an appointment!


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