Headache Tips From Atlanta’s Most Experienced Chiropractors

Aug 17, 2016

Just about everyone who lives near Atlanta suffers from a headache now and then.

Most headaches do not demand medical attention and tend to subside in less than an hour.

However, for patients who suffer from painful headaches that prevent them from following through with their daily responsibilities, the staff at AICA provides Chiropractic treatment for headaches.

Review the following recommendations that focus on headache relief and allow you to remain in control over this painful condition.

What Causes Headaches?

There some variables that can cause headaches to occur.

Lifestyle habits and dietary preferences contribute to headaches, while Genetics are also a factor.

Other common triggers include:

  • Sensitivity to bright lights
  • Loud noises
  • Blood sugar fluctuation
  • Maintaining poor posture
  • Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements
  • Excessive exercise/dehydration
  • Hunger
  • Severe muscle tension in the neck or upper back area

Chiropractic Care for Painful Headaches

The most important tip AICA Atlanta can offer headache patients is to remain proactive when it comes to addressing personal health.

If you work within a position that sees you sitting for several hours throughout the day, five days a week, remember to get up and walk around for ten minutes every hour.

Taking a trip to the office, walking around the block, or stretching at your desk are all great ways to relieve stress and tension that develops from remaining static for too long.

Adjust Your Workout Routine

If you tend to experience throbbing headaches, try to avoid partaking in heavy exercise until they subside.

Try to adjust your workout routine so that it includes more low-impact exercises.

Also, remember to keep your jaw and teeth relaxed to prevent excessive stress from developing.

Drink plenty of water before and after your workout to remain hydrated and to avoid the onset of tension headaches.

Visit Our Atlanta Chiropractors

If you suffer from chronic headaches and have made adjustments to your personal lifestyle, schedule a Chiropractic examination with AICA Atlanta.

We can provide specific spinal adjustments that remove stress from your neck and upper back area, preventing future headaches from occurring.

Our office welcomes walk-in visits and can schedule direct examinations when requested.

Just call our office at (404) 889-8828 or visit us at our Atlanta office located at:

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