Chiropractic Care for Common Auto Accident Injuries Near Atlanta

Sep 12, 2016

Whiplash is most frequently associated with rear-end automobile collisions in which the heads of those in the leading car are suddenly snapped back and forth from the impact.

It is more accurately called cervical acceleration/deceleration (CAD) syndrome or trauma, which describes the rapid movements that can injure the vertebrae, muscles, and ligaments of the neck.

It is one of the most frequently occurring car accident injuries that take place throughout the City of Atlanta and its surrounding communities.

Whiplash and Auto Accidents In Atlanta

There are over 340,000 different traffic accidents that take place in Atlanta each and every year according to the State of Georgia’s Department of Transportation.

This staggering figure suggests that just about every resident in Atlanta will be involved in at least one auto accident every ten years!

Who Suffers From Whiplash?

Anyone can suffer from whiplash, even in a low-impact automobile crash at speeds as low as 5mph.

But whiplash injury can also result from other mishaps in which the head is jerked or pushed beyond its natural range of motion.

Whiplash typically causes significant, persistent neck pain, but there can also be dizziness, headaches, and back pain.

Whiplash Statistics

Ignoring the painful side effects associated with Whiplash can lead to long-term or permanent damage that can significantly prohibit your ability to follow through with everyday activities.

Review the following statistics that speak to the dangerous long-term effects of Whiplash when left untreated.

  • The National Accident Analysis and Prevention Organization conducted the longest-running study ever done on Whiplash patients, monitoring each participant’s overall health for almost 20 years after their original accident took place. More than 50 percent of the patients that did not seek Chiropractic care still suffer from chronic pain.
  • One in 100 people around the world experiences chronic neck pain due to an automobile-related injury.
  • One in 50 people who suffer from Whiplash as a result of an auto accident also suffer from chronic pain that’s intense enough to require diagnostic testing, prescription medication, and frequent doctor visits, on an ongoing basis —– nearly eight years after the original incident occurs.

How Can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

The sudden accident, or whatever caused the whiplash in the first place, may fade from your memory, but the psychological and physical damage of whiplash can become chronic, wearing away at the victim’s quality of life.

Chiropractic techniques are particularly well-suited to alleviating the neck pain and other crippling effects of whiplash because they can:

  • Diminish chronic symptoms that can persist or recur over many years
  • Overcome muscle weakness and enhance muscle tone
  • Restore movement lost after the accident
  • Speed recovery

Consistent Chiropractic Adjustments have had favorable results for many thousands of patients.

Chiropractic treatment can, in many cases, substantially reduce patients’ distress and allow them to return to their normal activities.

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