Treating Car Accident Injuries In Atlanta

Dec 10, 2013

While the services of medical doctors and chiropractors often complement each other, AICA’s medical professionals play different roles in the treatment of auto accident injuries¬†in Atlanta.

Therefore, it is important to know how each medical professional can help you if you should suffer from an accident injury.

Read on to learn more about how medical doctors and chiropractors can provide treatment after a motor vehicle accident.

Chiropractors That Treat Car Accident Injuries In Atlanta

Chiropractors treat a large number of patients who suffer from whiplash after being involved in an auto accident. They commonly treat these conditions and provide additional therapies after an accident.

While many accident victims may see a medical doctor right away after the incident to rule out any major injuries, it is important to note that one of the symptoms of whiplash is delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Chiropractors are well suited for the treatment of this symptom and can help a patient get back to optimal health as quickly as possible.

You may also wish to visit a chiropractor after an accident if you are looking for alternative treatment methods that veer away from traditional medicine. Chiropractors treat accident-related injuries without the use of surgery or drugs.

This can lead to a less-invasive treatment plan that may be even more effective than traditional treatment methods.

Medical Doctors

Medical doctors often treat injuries that result from an auto accident when they require surgery or other invasive treatments. Doctors are also able to prescribe medications if they are needed to provide temporary relief from pain.

Many medical doctors will refer patients to a chiropractor for help with their long-term pain management needs.

Visit Atlanta chiropractors to learn more about recovering from accident injuries.


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