All You Need To Know About Ankle Injuries

May 15, 2019

When an ankle is sprained, symptoms can vary from bruising, swelling, and pain when weight is applied to the foot. The ankle itself can be tender to touch and have limited range of motion which can make for walking extremely difficult.


Typically a sprain occurs when the ankle in inverted or everted caused by a fall or when running on an uneven surface. This type of injury can occur in sporting events when one player lands on the other’s ankle causing it to bend in an awkward motion or when a player lands on the ankle incorrectly.

Recovery Time

Every injury is different, so the length of recovery will be dependent upon the severity of the injury. Some sprains are mild in nature and will heal in a few days with the use of ice and rest, where others may take as long as six weeks.

Those sprains that are more severe may require the use of crutches to help the person get around as the pain of bearing weight is excruciating. Returning to normal activities or even sports may be pushed back weeks or even months.

Treatment Options

With most sprains, self- care is often prescribed. The RICE method is often suggested as that will help minimize the pain. The RICE method consists of rest, ice, compression and elevation which is the most common treatment for sprains.

When To Call The Chiropractor?

If the pain is becoming more severe, and the RICE method has not worked after 5-7 days, call the chiropractor. Once the chiropractor meets with you and examines your injury, your physician will discuss with you the best course of treatment so you can heal appropriately.


  • Stretch your ankles out before exercising, ensuring they are strong enough for the workouts you will be participating in.
  • Always wear appropriate footwear.
  • Avoid playing or running on uneven surfaces.

In the event that you suffer an ankle injury, remember to rest, ice, compress and elevate to help alleviate the pain. Throughout your recovery if you find that other areas of your body have been affected due to the nature of you over correcting the way you have been walking, contact our Atlanta chiropractors at (404) 889-8828 for a consultation.