Find An Atlanta Car Accident Doctor On Lien After An Auto Collision
Oct 2, 2017

Atlanta Medical Liens and Car Accident Doctor Treatment | AICA AtlantaMedical liens associated with personal injury cases in Georgia can negatively affect the final resolution and settlement distribution related to auto collisions. Based on the type of lien that’s applied, among other variables, the accident victim may have their settlement lowered or be responsible for covering the costs of specific medical services if liens are not approached carefully or paid.

Medical Liens In Atlanta

Medical liens are a claim of right to payment issued by insurance or medical provider from revenue received from a personal injury claim. There are type types of liens, which include:

Statutory Liens: Thes claims are “presumed” or “automatic” based on statutes under Georgia’s State Law. They include liens associated with workers compensation benefits, receipt of government benefits, and hospital emergency services.

Contractual Medical Liens: These refer to claims for repayment based on a set agreement between multiple parties or their legal representatives. Most contractual medical liens develop as a result of health insurance claims, medical payments from auto insurance providers, and agreements to treat on a medical lien.

Covering The Cost of Treatment After An Auto Collision

After you are involved in an auto collision, it’s imperative to seek professional medical support as soon as possible. Many traditional physicians in Georgia will ask you to cover the cost of treatment even if you are not at-fault or responsible for the accident.

This request places an unfair and unnecessary burden on your expenses. It’s hard to locate a medical physician who provides treatment on a lien basis. In fact, over the past several years, many physicians have turned accident victims away because it appeared that cases could take a long time to settle, leaving them without payment for months or even years.

Contact AICA Atlanta For Accident Treatment and Post-Collision Support

Fortunately, the Atlanta Car Accident Doctors at AICA help collision victims locate a doctor on lien after a car crash. Of course, our Chiropractors are able to provide treatment for car accident victims that help relieve pain and reduce the risk of permanent damage. Our staff works with most insurance providers and can help connect you with an experienced Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney  to seek compensation for your damages.

Contact or call our Atlanta Car Accident Doctors immediately following a collision – just dial (404) 889-8828 to speak with one of our friendly staff members 24/7, Monday through Sunday.


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