Treating “Text Neck” With Chiropractic Care

Jul 21, 2016

In today’s world, just about every person either has a cell phone, tablet device, or gaming system; if not all of three.

These devices have become ingrained in our daily routines because of our social and professional obligations, as well as for personal convenience.

Because of this, maintaining appropriate posture and proper ergonomics has significantly diminished over the last decade, creating intense neck pain known as “text neck.”

What Is Text Neck?

For people who use their cell phone or are on their computers for several hours a day, their tendency is to bend their head forward.

Over time, the strain that is placed on your neck from this position builds up and causes severe repetitive injuries.

According to the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta, patients that suffer from text neck end up holding their upper back and neck in unnatural positions for an extensive period, leading to what’s known as “postural pain.”

The issue derives from the excessive strain that is placed on the spine from maintaining your neck in a downward position.

The resulting pain can create a significant amount of stress on your body, possibly leading to extreme fatigue and intense headaches.

How To Prevent Neck Pain from Text Neck

Although eliminating these types of devices from your daily routine is the best way to prevent neck pain caused by text neck, it is also impractical.

It is important to remain considerate of taking breaks often, while also changing your position.

Try to make sure that your devices at eye level and not on your lap or in a position that forces you to look down.

Working out and getting plenty of exercise are also great ways to prevent neck pain, as having a flexible, strong neck helps your body recover from these stressors.

Chiropractic Care For Neck Pain Relief

The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta treat thousands of patients with neck pain each year and can help you, too.

Their experience diagnosing neck pain and using state-of-the-art Chiropractic techniques to treat it allows you to feel immediate pain relief.

If you have never visited our office before, each patient is offered a consultation meeting with their personal Chiropractor.

After reviewing your medical history, your Atlanta Chiropractor will perform a complete neck examination to understand the cause of your pain, as well as to determine the best way to provide treatment.

Your Chiropractor will develop a custom solution that aligns with the unique characteristics of your neck pain, allowing you to return to your normal routine pain-.

If you suffer from neck pain, give us a call today. You can schedule an appointment within the week by calling us at(404) 889-8828 or by filling out our online submission form.


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