Love CrossFit, But Hate The Pain? See How A Chiropractor In Atlanta Can Help!

Oct 9, 2015

Since Greg Glassman launched the latest exercise fad “CrossFit” 14 years ago from his garage, it has expanded into over 8,300 gyms in 97 different countries.

For those who are unfamiliar with CrossFit, this style of exercise consists of various movements at high-intensity intervals for a particular length of time.

Often, enthusiasts are found doing everything from flipping over 150 lb. Truck tires to performing continuous sets of handstand push-ups.

Because the style of CrossFit is so demanding on the body, participants are prone to::

Atlanta Chiropractic Care for CrossFit Participants

If you are a CrossFit enthusiast in Atlanta and are looking to relive pain associated with your workouts, then the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta can help you.

To understand where your pain derives from, what has caused your pain and what can be done to mitigate the risk of further injury, take into consideration the following areas of the body that most CrossFit participants injure.

Your Lower Back

An injury to the lower back should come as no surprise to most CrossFit athletes.

If you experience pain in your lower back area, do not let this linger. This particular area of the body can be prone to long-term adverse effects, which might not be treatable after so much time has passed.

Your Knees

Your knees are one of the largest joints in your bodies. Because of this, you rely heavily on their ability to function properly.

The knee is made up of bones, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, muscles, joints, arteries, and veins. It can support up to eight times your body weight, so even if you are a smaller person, a lot of pressure is already continuously exerted onto your knees, without the added stress of lifting heavy objectives.

Your chiropractor can offer you Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment to resolve existing injuries and issues.

Your Wrists

The wrist is an area of the body that tends to be overlooked, despite how weak the tendons within the wrist are.

The root causes of wrist injuries are mobility and flexibility.

CrossFit athletes tend to push themselves hard, sometimes lifting too much, too soon, which can result in wrist injuries because your wrist is not flexible and strong enough to support the weight.

Your Elbows

Of all the most common CrossFit injuries, perhaps the one that might surprise someone is an elbow injury.

For most CrossFit athletes, elbow pain is associated with those who enjoy exercises like front squats, full cleans, and power cleans.
 This type of damage can come from improper positioning of the bar, as well as over tension.

Getting enough resting in-between sets and using the proper technique is important for reducing the risk of injury.


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