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Headaches Are Not As “Normal” As You May Believe

Aug 10, 2018

Headaches are normal, right? Everyone gets them, sometimes they are dull and sometimes, throbbing. Occasionally they are felt only on one side; other times they make you feel nauseous or sensitive to light or sound.

However, the sudden appearance of frequent headaches could indicate significant underlying health issues. If you are experiencing chronic headaches and do not have a history with this particular condition, contact AICA Atlanta for an immediate examination and treatment.

Headaches Are Common, Not Normal

There are three common types of headaches:

    • Tension headaches are caused by muscle tension in the head, neck or shoulders due to emotional stress. Tension headaches can be constant if tightened muscles do not relax.
    • Migraine headaches can be triggered by food, smoke, wine, weather, stress or hormonal changes. Women are more likely to be affected by migraines that men.
    • Cervicogenic headaches often occur because of whiplash, poor posture or structural and functional changes to the neck and shoulders. These headaches induce pain in the forehead or behind the eyes.


A pain reliever is often the first thing people reach for when a headache emerges. Migraine sufferers sometimes take daily medications to prevent headaches from happening. However, these medications can cause significant, and possibly dangerous, side effects.

Chiropractic Care Available In Atlanta For Treating Headaches

Chiropractic care can offer relief from chronic headaches. Your Atlanta chiropractors work to identify spinal issues.

Many people tend to find relief from chronic headaches when they begin chiropractic care. It’s our goal to discover hidden spinal issues in patients like subtle misalignments, loss of a proper cervical curve or the effects of long-standing spinal decay, that could be the cause of these headaches.

When you or someone you know next suffer from a headache, instead of taking a pain reliever, call AICA Atlanta and book your appointment today. Just dial (404) 889-8828.


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