3 Types of Car Accidents and The Injuries Our Atlanta Chiropractors Treat
Apr 20, 2017

Types of Accident Injuries Treated By Chiropractors | AICA AtlantaEach car accident is different, which is why some accident victims walk away with a few bruises, while others require extensive Chiropractic treatment.

Physical Impact of Car Accidents

Different variables affect the impact produces such as speed if you are the driver or the passenger, and where your vehicle was hit from (e.g. side, rear, head-on).

To understand what happens to you during an auto accident, here are a few of the more common collisions that take place throughout Atlanta, as well as how each can affect your body.

Common Types of Car Accidents

If you are involved in one of the following types of collisions, contact our experienced Atlanta car accident injury Chiropractors for immediate treatment and pain relief.

Rear-end Car Accidents

Driving too closely behind another vehicle, or “tailgating” is often the cause of rear-end collisions.

This particular type of car accident tends to cause injuries to the chest, spine, neck, and head. One of the most common injuries accident victims sustain as a result of a rear-end collision is Whiplash, due to the impact that forces your head to jolt forwards and then backward suddenly.

Most Whiplash patients don’t realize they have this particular condition because of how delayed symptoms are, sometimes not appearing for several weeks to a few months.

T-bone Car Accidents

Getting “T-boned” refers to when your vehicle is hit from the side and often produces significant damage, even at speeds as low as 30 mph.

Most people who are hit from the side sustain injuries to their chest, head, lower extremities, and abdomen.

Head-on Car Accidents

When two vehicles hit each other head to head, both drivers and their passengers usually require emergency treatment for severe head and chest injuries.

In cases where one of the drivers or passengers are not wearing a seatbelt, they have the ability to sustain critical damage to their face, lower limbs, chest, or even get ejected through the windshield.

Swerving Off the Road

Running off the road or rolling your vehicle can lead to similar injuries and the extent or depth often depends on whether seatbelts were used correctly at the time of the accident.

Atlanta Car Accident Injury Treatment

If you are involved in a car accident, regardless of the type of collision you experienced, contacting one of our Atlanta car accident injury Chiropractors is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Meeting with one of our Chiropractors allows you to receive immediate pain relief, while also protecting you from chronic or permanent damage.

We are Atlanta’s most experienced car accident injury clinic and help thousands of patients each year recover from their injuries.

Call us today at (404) 889-8828 to schedule a consultation or an immediate examination.


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