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Three Ways Chiropractors Can Help Treat Car Accident Injuries
Sep 3, 2018

After a collision there are many things to consider. Did you sustain an injury? Was your vehicle totalled or in need of repairs? Do you have to file an insurance claim?

Once the initial shock has worn off, the first thing you should address is your own health. The most common injuries resulting from a collision are spinal injuries.

Car Accident Injury Treatment

For many, visiting an Atlanta chiropractor is an effective alternative to traditional medicine. If you have recently been in an accident or if you’ve been suffering for a while, call AICA Atlanta today for a consultation to get you started on the path to normal life. Here are some of the benefits to chiropractic care after a vehicle accident.

1. Prescription Free Relief

One of the greatest benefits of seeing an auto accident chiropractor is that our work is entirely free of medications. The foundation of chiropractic medicine is that a person’s nervous system can control its own healing. Many of the daily pains we experience are caused by blockages and injuries. Your Atlanta chiropractor uses adjustments and other natural techniques to restore your alignment and your body’s natural healing abilities.

2. Non-Invasive Treatment

Not only do we not use harmful narcotics, but auto accident chiropractic care is a non-invasive treatment. This means no surgeries or injections. By just using your body’s natural healing processes, many people find relief faster than they would with surgery and without the extended recovery time. If you have already undergone surgery, an Atlanta chiropractor can help you during your recovery.

3. Promotes Long-Term Healing

Many traditional medicines just focus on immediate results. Chiropractic care does not just treat the pain. Our goal is to treat the cause of the pain, which means long-term, lasting relief. After just one session, many patients begin to feel a difference, however every patient is different and so every treatment plan is different. You may need several visits until your injury is treated or you many need regular alignments to maintain your spinal health.

If you have been in a collision and do not know what to do next, contact AICA Atlanta for holistic long-term relief.