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Reduce Inflammation With Natural Treatment Solutions
Jan 31, 2020

Reduce Inflammation With Natural Treatment Solutions | AICA AtlantaWhen inflammation occurs in the body, it is your immune system response to an infection, injury or a form of irritation. This is how the body’s white blood cells protect us from bacteria and viruses.

When a cut or scrape presents with swelling, redness, and pain, inflammation is occurring to protect the body. The same theory can be related to the foods we eat and our body’s response.

How and When Inflammation Occurs

Many times, we think inflammation can only occur on the outside of the body. However, that is not the case. When inflammation occurs inside the body, you become a higher risk for developing stroke, heart disease, and other damaging ailments. In regards to degenerative diseases, inflammation is thought to play a part at the beginning of these conditions due to the foods we consume.

Do you eat foods that are cooked at high temperatures? Is fast food and refined sugar a typical choice in your diet? Potato chips, baked goods, and other foods similar are high in refined oils that may result in increased inflammation.

If so, you are more likely to be experiencing inflammation. Instead, add more of these types of foods to your diet:

  • Fruits such as apples, berries, fresh pineapple, lemons, limes
  • Vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, greens (spinach, broccoli, kale), bell peppers, garlic
  • Spices such as cinnamon, ginger, basil, mint, parsley, rosemary
  • Nuts and seeds, such as sunflower seeds, walnuts, almonds
  • Fish such as halibut, salmon, sardines, oysters
  • Olive oil
  • Beverages, such as green tea, black tea, red wine and lots of water
  • Dark chocolate, but not the sugary milk chocolate

Take The First Step

Although it may seem difficult at first, reducing the inflammation within the body can be done by implementing healthier foods. Start slow and implement one anti-inflammatory food at a time and you will quickly see the results. In reducing inflammation as a result of healthy eating, you will also be able to maintain a healthy weight.

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