Never Experience A Migraine Again with AICA Atlanta’s Chiropractic Care

Dec 28, 2016

Migraines are debilitating headaches that create a significant amount of throbbing pain for those who are affected.

Patients who have migraines tend to be sensitive to light and sound, while also experiencing nausea and dizziness.

For some, the experience of a migraine is so intense that it forces individuals to rest for several days before they can return to their routine.

Fortunately, the Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta can help!

Treating Migraines with Atlanta Chiropractic

Chiropractic care helps reduce the frequency and intensity of your migraine headaches, so you can spend less time in pain and more time following through with your daily obligations.

For patients who are unable to locate the source of their migraines, many cases are caused by small misalignments that exist in the vertebrae.

These misalignments cause inflammation of the nerves and muscles that run through the neck and back area. Using Chiropractic Adjustments, we can reduce nerve inflammation and adjust your cervical vertebrae back to its correct position, which helps prevent migraines from occurring.

Corrective Treatment and the Importance of Maintaining Correct Posture

Maintaining incorrect posture can lead to migraines and intense headaches because of the amount of stress your back muscles are exposed to.

Our Atlanta Chiropractors can provide you with specific exercises that help strengthen your back muscles and improve your natural posture. If you happen to work in a particular career that requires a lot of standing or you sit at a desk for long periods, we can show you how to maintain healthy posture with ergonomic resources.

We can also provide regular adjustments to prevent misalignments from developing in the future.

Lifestyle Adjustments and Ongoing Support

Migraines are also caused by environmental forces like stress or diet.

Certain types of foods and maintaining an inactive lifestyle can lead to chronic headaches. The Chiropractors at AICA Atlanta are trained and experienced at helping patients identify unhealthy triggers in their life, while also providing specific recommendations around diet or exercise.

Our team offers a variety of approaches that are all useful for treating migraines, such as ART, pain management therapy, and deep tissue massage.

Schedule A Consultation with AICA Atlanta For Immediate Migraine Relief

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