Treatment Process After A Car Accident In Atlanta

Dec 2, 2012

Car accidents can cause your neck and spine to become misaligned. The biggest concern with car accidents is that a lot of injuries, especially whiplash, do not appear immediately after an accident.

Often times a person will find that several weeks after the accident they are experiencing headaches, back aches and pain in their neck.

Many of the sufferers of these symptoms do not correlate their current condition with the accident they had several weeks ago.

Even minor accidents can cause forces that disrupt the balance of the neck and spine.

It is important to see a chiropractor whenever these issues arise, and in some cases it is best to see a chiropractor after any car accident.

Readjusting the spine and the neck:

The most common and recognizable treatment is readjusting the spine and the neck. In some cases the chiropractor will first focus on helping the patient reduce their level of pain and inflammation by using electric muscle stimulation and massage techniques.

The biggest issue with car accidents are adjusting the spine and neck, which in many cases will alleviate chronic issues. A spine that is out of adjustment is likely to cause secondary injuries.

Our chiropractic treatment is based on balancing the body, and reducing pain so that the patient can heal.

Chiropractors and Medical Doctors:

AICA’s chiropractors work in union and concert with medical doctors, and believe that one should first see a medical doctor for serious injures before they begin chiropractic care.

There are obviously certain injuries that are best handled by medical doctors, and certain treatments that are best for chiropractic treatment. Soft tissue injuries, chronic pain and other issues that medical doctors cannot help patients with are perfect for chiropractic care

In any case it is smart to see a chiropractor after a car accident in Atlanta.


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