Learn Skills That Can Save Your Life

Dec 7, 2012

In 2012 there were an average of 16,934 car accidents per day, and an average of 115 deaths per day due to motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta and the US. Driving is risky business and at any moment you are a decision away from causing harm to yourself or others. It is unfortunate that most states will hand over a driver’s license to anyone who can weave through a slalom of cones and who can parallel park. Obviously these driving tests do not prove that a person is prepared for the responsibility of driving on public roads. As a safety conscious driver, it would benefit you to enroll in a defensive driving course. The skills learned in a defensive driving course will help you avoid accidents and avoid being a statistic.

Are you prepared?

Are you honestly prepared for the craziness that occurs on the Atlanta highways?!? Most accidents happen within 25 miles of your home– This includes people cutting you off on the highway, little kids running out in the middle of the street, crazy teen drivers who are more concerned about listening to the radio than watching road, these accidents include drivers who suddenly stop in the middle of the street, and dealing with random road hazards such as large items in the middle of the street that you have to quickly avoid. Are you prepared for all of this? Do you have a strategy for emergency road conditions? How about your wife or teen? Do they have the skills that are needed to utilize emergency breaking techniques and do they know the toss technique that defensive driving schools teach drivers to use when they need to avoid another car or obstacle in the road?

Defensive driving classes are not just for people with DUI’s or people wishing to lower their car insurance rate. Defensive driving classes teach you how to stay alive when other drivers go crazy.


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