Chiropractic Care and Accident Related Injuries In Atlanta

Apr 4, 2016

Any injury that is sustained as a result of an automobile accident in Atlanta can be extremely painful, adding on to an already traumatic experience.

Even when bones aren’t broken, and particular symptoms aren’t visible, injuries like Whiplash can have devastating implications for your long-term health.

Automobile Accident Treatment in Atlanta

If you or someone you know has recently been involved in some accident, it’s important to know that Chiropractic care is proven to be one of the most effective treatment options available.

Receiving a Chiropractic Adjustment helps restore balance to your internal systems, while also eliminating pain and swelling.

The reason for this is because such adjustments provide support to your bones and muscles in ways that allow them to return to their natural position within your body.

At AICA, our doctors possess a decade’s worth of experience treating all sorts of accident victims and can correct a broad range of structural injuries that can strain or pull your ligaments, muscles, and tendons.

AICA’s Chiropractic Office in Atlanta Can Help

There is a reason why thousands of patients throughout Atlanta continue to use our services on a regular basis. Chiropractic care contains numerous advantages over other forms of medical treatment since adjustments help restore internal balance, while also allowing your bones to return to their original state.

Any sudden movement and inflammation can force your muscles and bones to shift into unnatural positions. When an adjustment is offered to someone who has recently been in an automobile accident, their body can recover at a much faster rate.

Depending on the extent of their injuries, a Massage Therapist may be called in to help assist with the overall healing process.

Allowing a professional Massage Therapist to address your affected area(s) helps increase blood flow, which supports the healing process due to the amount of oxygen that can transfer to the wound.

To restore mobility and repair your natural range of motion, one of our Chiropractors may use some techniques. These methods comprise of holistic solutions that focus on relieving you of any immediate pain, while also addressing the root causes of your injury to prevent relapse and long-term/permanent damage from setting in.

Chiropractor Care in Atlanta

The highly qualified staff at AICA Atlanta are available 24/7 to answer your questions and evaluate your case.
Our chiropractors can look at your injuries and create a custom treatment plan that will help return you to your regular routine.

We have many states of the art techniques and resources including MRI scans, ART and chiropractic adjustments that can be used to strengthen your body and restore it to its original, healthy state.

You can schedule a consultation today by calling us at (404) 889-8828 or by visiting our office located at:

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