Most Common Conditions Chiropractors In Atlanta Treat

May 5, 2015

The most common conditions Chiropractors in Atlanta treat begin with those that are sourced in the spine.

That includes a wide variety of pain and disorders that affect the muscular and skeletal system.

There are two broad reasons.

The first is that the spine, which connects to the skull at the atlas and axis vertebrae, flows down along the skeleton to the pelvis.

It’s the central channel of connection that binds the human frame together and carries with it not just numerous mechanical joints and connections, but the spinal cord.

Common Chiropractic Conditions

The spinal cord is sourced in the brain, and protected by the vertebrae, carries neurological signals across the entire body via nerve roots that extend from the cord through the vertebral joints and conduct messages and sensation through the rest of the body.

That makes the spine one of the most sensitive regions in the body, responsible for an immense amount of processing. It’s the superhighway of information, and its structure directly affects the way the you feel at every given moment.

So when you’re feeling the following, the spine is the first place to go for treatment.

Chronic Back Pain

This can take place anywhere between the pelvis to the middle thoracic and upper cervical vertebrae. This upper region – your neck – is where you may feel pain and stiffness after years of using inappropriate posture or after getting sustaining some type of accident injury.

Noticeable Arm Pain

Weakness and numbness or pins and needles. All of these may be traced to the spine and your chiropractor will be able to tell you if a subluxation is responsible.

Those who are feeling arm pain that doesn’t need the express help of an orthopedist may be treated by a chiropractor.

A good chiropractor will also know the limits of his or craft, and be able to refer to a competent orthopedist when joint trouble needs therapy or further treatment to manage pain, weakness, and injury to tendons and muscle connections or other soft tissue.

The same is true of leg pain in the joints.

The first stop can be your chiropractor to define your diagnosis and offer preliminary adjustment, which may stop the pain of sciatica, which is one of the major reasons that people go to the chiropractor for lower back pain that radiates into the buttocks and upper back legs, leading in some cases down to the feet and toes.

The cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, inflammation of the carpal nerve in the wrist, is difficult to diagnose. It’s not necessarily brought on by typing; not all typists get it, while people who don’t repeat wrist movements may get it.

Your chiropractor may be able to help with your wrist, and isn’t a bad place to start assessing the treatment that wrist pain may need.

Neck Pain and Injuries

Don’t forget that the neck is the most often injured area of the body in a car accident, and needs prompt attention to heal properly. Specific types of neck injuries like whiplash, often go unnoticed, which can lead to long-term or permanent damage.

Constant or Lingering Headaches

Headaches stem from trouble in the neck. In fact, 80 percent of headaches are actually coming from problems in the neck, because the blood and nerves in the neck are directly tied to your brain.

Ease the pain in the neck, or the pressure there – known or not by the patient – and often headaches, including migraines, will subside.


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