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Nov 8, 2017

Visit Atlanta’s Premier Whiplash and Car Accident Injury Chiropractors | AICA AtlantaAccording to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the amount of drivers joining our overwhelmingly busy highways is growing significantly, and it won’t stop or slow down anytime soon. Having more drivers on the road leads to more accidents, and these unpredictable dangers can affect daily life in a variety of ways. Nobody is immune to them, either.

If you are misfortunate enough to get into one of these accidents, Atlanta’s Chiropractors are ready to help in any way they can. Car accidents often lead to whiplash, among other physical ailments, and those don’t just go away on their own. Professional help is available to get you back to health

Learning More About Whiplash/Neck Pain

Whiplash is an injury to soft tissue and is commonly found in patients after suffering a car accident. A cervical muscle strain or a ligament sprain in the neck muscles occurs, which can be extremely painful. Sometimes, a neck brace is even needed to help correct the problem and ease the pain. And, believe it or not, whiplash can come from even the smallest of car accidents.

During an accident, a victim receives their injury from their reaction to the impending impact. It comes down to posture and the human body’s resistance. Say you are in an accident but don’t see the impact coming. Your body is very relaxed when your car gets hit. You get thrown around in the car like a rag doll and can lead to whiplash, as many Chiropractors find to be common in car accident victims.

Such an injury should be taken very seriously and as a possible sign of a more serious underlying issue. Chiropractors advise getting checked out as quickly as possible should you experience any neck discomfort or pain following an accident. If a problem is identified quickly, it could lead to worse conditions in due time. And if you decide to go without treatment, it could significantly affect daily life.

Chiropractic Options for Treatment

Around 83 percent of auto accident victims require whiplash treatment, according to clinical research. Auto injuries can be complicated and very serious, so they require expert treatment and therapy. Visiting an Atlanta Chiropractor is highly recommended, as we can help find a course of treatment that works quickly and efficiently to prevent the development of a more severe injury. After you are examined, we will recommend a treatment and therapy program that is catered specifically to your needs, and you should then be on course for a successful recovery.

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