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Introducing Low-Impact Workouts Into Your Fitness Routine
Oct 14, 2019

Introducing Low-Impact Workouts Into Your Fitness Routine | AICA AtlantaAre you in need of a core workout that won’t be harsh on the rest of the body? A low impact workout does not mean you are taking the easy route but much rather a stronger focus on a target area that will stabilize and tone the core muscles.

Low-Impact Exercises To Try

So, what activities are low-impact as well as give you the ability to strengthen your core?


When engaging in swimming, you can develop your core muscles without putting added pressure on your joints. Buoyancy allows the body a protection from stress on the joints while the water creates a resistance. Working out in the water is also a great way to get the heart pumping without the risk of overheating.

Where to Get Started: Find a swimming class at a YMCA near you.


The beauty of yoga is that anyone from any walk of life can begin this exercise program. Yoga also allows you to burn calories and tone muscles while strengthening the core. This exercise program can be done in different levels of intensity based on your current fitness level.

Where to Get Started: Check out possible yoga classes at local gyms or community centers.


Great for beginners, the Pilates workout is a wonderful way to tone muscles, improve balance and flexibility, and stabilize and strengthen your core. It’s a great option for folks who have physical limitations as most moves can be tailored to suit a practitioner’s needs.

Where to Get Started: Research local gyms that provide Pilates classes.


Known as the “ballet workout,” Barre is a low impact form of exercise that adopts different elements of dance, Pilates and yoga for a bigger audience. It’s named after the famous ballet handrail dancers uses in practice. Barre has the ability to improve strength, flexibility and stabilize your core.

Where to Get Started: Area gyms or a local YMCA may offer this type of workout.

Always consult with an orthopedic doctor or one of our Atlanta chiropractors before adding new workouts into your routine, especially if you have a serious medical condition, physical limitations or experience chronic pain. If you are looking for other ways to incorporate strength training into your daily routine or ways to manage joint pain while working out, contact our AICA chiropractors today at (404) 889-8828.