Protect Yourself From Heart Disease With The Right Diet Plan

Mar 25, 2019

Even with all we know about heart disease, it still remains the leading cause of death in the United States. However, even though this disease is known as a silent killer, there are many tools and prevention tactics to protect yourself in creating a strong healthy heart.

Heart Healthy Foods

Believe it or not, your diet can be your largest protector from this deadly disease and our Atlanta chiropractors have compiled a list of heart healthy foods to keep that heart health in check as well as total body wellness.

Got juice?

Are you looking for a way to eat large quantities of food while the body is consuming a healthy amount of nutrients with minimal calories? If yes, juicing may be what you’re looking for! By taking raw fruits and vegetables and making them into a juice, your body can consume the proper amount of fruits and vegetables needed on a daily basis.


Two factors that are attributed to heart disease are inflammation and gum disease but a quick and easy snack that can help lessen those from surfacing are raisins! These snacks are great for kids as they provide a fruity taste and give adults satisfaction as well due to the meaty and filling texture. If you find yourself needing a snack throughout the day, organic raisins may be just what you need to get you through the rest of your day!

Another tiny but packed with heart healthy nutrients are walnuts. The oil that is found in these walnuts are shown to strengthen the blood vessels as well as the overall function which can help prevent heart disease. Walnuts are a great snack for anyone as well as a great topping to a salad or even oatmeal!

Heart healthy dinner ideas

One way to help lower your risk of heart disease by 30% is incorporating fish into your diet at least twice a week. Fish is packed with Omega-3’s which contain fatty acids that can reduce your risk of blood clots, lower overall blood pressure and prevent the body from developing an irregular heartbeat. Alaskan fish such as Salmon that is caught in the cold waters provide the best nutrients and are overall healthier for you as they contain less mercury than fish that are caught in warmer waters.


Salt has been proven to cause strain on your heart and studies have estimated that one out of every ten deaths in the United States have been linked to salt intake. When shopping for foods, avoid processed and canned food as they contain an unhealthy amount of salt. Although more time consuming, it is best to prepare meals from home so you know exactly how much salt is being added and you can monitor your salt intake better and control just how much you are consuming.

Meal planning and prep can be tedious and some may get discouraged, but the overall benefits of meal planning have more than just health benefits. When meal planning for the week this allows you to create a grocery list that fits what you need for the upcoming week and limits the amount of extra items you may not need into your cart. Be mindful of your food intake and taking the proper steps to plan out for the week will certainly increase your heart health as well as saving you time and money.

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